Florida DB sets visit with Ole Miss

Laurence Marius (CB, Key West, FL) - One of Florida's to overall athletes has begun to fill up his official visit schedule. So far, Ole Miss (11/12), West Virginia (12/3), and Georgia Tech (12/10) have been scheduled. Florida State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, South Carolina, N' Western, Minnesota, and Florida International have also offered a scholarship and an opportunity to take an official visit to their respective universities.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Laurence Marius:

How is your season going? "It is not going too good, but we picked one up last Friday."

Who did you play? "We played Materacu. We won 50-6."

What were your stats for the game? "I played quarterback and corner. I was 3 - 4 for 56 yards and a TD. I carried it 17 times for 186 yards and 2 TD's. I had a kick return for a 70 yard TD. And on defense, I had 5 tackles and 1 QB sack."

What are your stats for the season? "I do not know. I have not been keeping track on it. I know I have at least 500 rushing yards, at least. I ran for 205 in one loss, 107 in another game, and two more games I had over 100 yards rushing. I have rushed for over a 100 yards in all of games now that I think of it. It has been a good season for me personally but not for my team."

Have you begun to set up your official visits? "Yea, I am going to Ole Miss (11/12), West Virginia (12/3), and Georgia Tech (12/10) ."

Has each school offered you? "Yes sir, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, South Carolina, N' Western, Minnesota, and Florida International have offered me too."

Which colleges will you fill out your official visit list with? "I do not know for now. I am still trying to decide."

Which colleges are keeping in contact with you every week by way of phone? "Florida State, Ole Miss, Miami, and Georgia Tech."

Who do you feel like is coming after you the hardest? "Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, West Virginia, and Florida State."

What does each of these schools do differently than the rest? "Georgia Tech calls me repeatedly. They are trying to get me up there as soon as possible. I am guaranteed a phone call every week from them. Same as Florida State and Ole Miss."

What do you like about Ole Miss right now? "Right now, I am not really sure if I will be playing running back or cornerback for the. Ole Miss said it would be my decision. I took that into consideration."

What about Georgia Tech? "I like their depth chart. Their db's are real low. They said I have a real good chance to start with them next year if I do what I am capable of doing."

What attracts you to West Virginia? "I person who stays down the street from me plays for them. DeAndre said I would fin in real well if I went up there. He plays safety for them."

Where does Florida State fit in the picture? "I am most likely going to take an official with them. I took a trip up there and stayed over there for two days. My coach took me there. I met with their coaches and toured their facilities. I pretty much saw it all. It is OK."

What will you be looking at while you are on your official visits? "The atmosphere of their campus and town."

Marius carries a 3.1 GPA and an 840 on the (old) SAT.

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