Richard Dickson begins to narrow the field

Richard Dickson (TE/DE, Ocean Springs, MS) - Many could argue that Mississippi's top two way player is also the state's top overall prospect.

Dickson has been going both ways (DE/TE) for Ocean Springs for the past four seasons.

As a junior, Richard was equally effective on both sides of the ball, he led the Greyhounds to a Class 5A Championship appearance. Dickson collected 92 tackles, 15 sacks, and 3 int's on defense and 23 catches for 399 yards and 6 TD's on offense.

Most colleges are recruiting Richard with tight end in mind, but there are some schools like Alabama and Florida State who envision Dickson coming off the end.

While the position has yet to be set in stone, the one thing that we do know for sure is that Richard is one of the most sought after prospects in the country. Dickson has over 30 BCS offers in hand which includes all of the SEC programs.

Has Richard begun to narrow the field?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Richard Dickson:

How has it been going? "It has been going as good as it can go considering the Hurricane (Katrina) and all. I am living with a friend in an apartment with my parents across the street. Things could be worse. That is for sure. I consider myself to be lucky to be honest."

How is your season going? "It is going pretty good. We are 4 - 1 right now. We just beat Moss Point last Friday which was huge for us. We had never beaten them two times in a row until this season, so we are proud of that. We lost to Carencro (LA) in our first game after the Hurricane. We had a bunch of players missing in that game, but they are now all back on the team. We are on a roll now."

Are you still going both ways? "Yes sir."

Which position is your best position? "I am probably about the same. I do not know. Probably the same. I could not name one over the other. I think I am equally effective on both sides of the ball."

Are you still being mainly recruited for TE? "Some of them are looking at me for DE too. Florida State is for sure. But really, mot of them are looking at me for both."

What would you rather play on the next level? "At certain schools, I would rather play TE than DE, and some of the schools I would rather play DE than TE."

Where would you rather play DE? "Alabama would be a school I would rather play on the defense side of the ball."

Why? "I just feel real comfortable with their defensive tackle coach."

What you are saying is that you want to play for the position coach you feel the most comfortable around? "Yes sir. If I am more comfortable with their tight end coach, I would rather play tight end for that school. And if I know their defensive coach better, then I want to play defense."

Who are some of the coaches that you have built a tight bond with? "I have known Coach Matt Luke from Ole Miss the longest. They were the first school to offer me a scholarship, and really, the first school to start showing me a lot of interest. I have narrowed it down to seven or eight schools, and I feel really close with all of them because they all call me once a week, and I have gotten to meet most of them on my visits."

Which seven or eight colleges have made your cut? "LSU, MSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, FSU, and probably Miami."

Have the eight schools that made your cut all offered you a scholarship? "Yes sir."

Have you begun to set up your official visits? "No, I was going to do that but the storm pushed it back. I have been thinking about it a lot lately so I will probably go ahead and get them lined up pretty soon. I have set up one visit though and that is to Ole Miss. I am going there when they play LSU (11/18). I wanted to visit them on that weekend because Nick Stephens (QB/Ole Miss commit) is visiting on the weekend. Me and him grew up in the same neighborhood together in Dallas before I moved to Ocean Springs. Nick game me a called the other week, and we set our dates for the same weekend."

Where else will you most likely take an official visit to? "I want to meet the Miami staff. That is one of the schools I would like to see that I have not been to because it is so far away. The other three visits I am not sure yet."

Where all have you visited unofficially? "I have visited LSU, MSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, and Florida State."

Are you looking at each school's depth chart and how many players they are bringing in at your position? "I am looking at it a little bit, but I figure anywhere you go you are going to have to compete."

Would you have a problem signing with one of your coast rivals, Jonathan Massey? "Big Jonathan, not at all (laugh). We have actually talked about all of that. He is always joking around trying to get me to commit before him. We just have fun with it."

Richard carries a 3.7 GPA and an 18 on the ACT.


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