Ashley Palmer takes in Ole Miss official

Ashley Palmer (Ath, Compton CC, CA) - Ole Miss received an official visit over the weekend from a 6' 3", 210 pound athlete out of CaliforniaWe called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Ashley Palmer:

Where did you prep at in high school? "I went to Lynn Wood High school."

Talk about the positions you played in high school. "My freshman year, the only reason I played quarterback was because nobody else could throw the ball. My sophomore year, the QB got hurt, and I played qb the rest of the way."

Any awards? "My junior year, I was named 1st Team All-League at QB. My senior year, I was named League MVP at QB and 1st Team All-Conference at CB."

Did you sign with anyone out of high school? "Yes sir, I signed with San Jose State, but I had to go to Compton CC because of my grades."

Talk about your freshman season at Compton CC. "I played quarterback but I got hurt and I took a medical redshirt. I only played in two games."

You will have 3 to play 3 on the next level? "Yes sir."

When do you expect to graduate? "In December, for sure."

How is your sophomore season going for you? "Pretty good. We are 2 - 3 though. I am playing free safety right now."

Why did you move over to safety from QB? "Most of the schools who are recruiting me like me at safety, so I moved to the other side of the ball for some experience."

Which position do you want to play on the next level? "Which ever position that will get me on the field the quickest is where I want to play. I have no preference."

Which colleges are currently recruiting you? "I just got back in from an official visit with Mississippi. I want to take another trip to Oregon, and I will probably visit Georgia too. As far as recruiting, my options are open. I also want to take a trip to Nebraska."

Has each of these colleges offered you a scholarship and a chance to take an official visit with them? "Yes sir."

Reports state that you are committed to Oregon; is this true? "Well, I was not totally committed. It was not too much of a verbal, but after I went to Ole Miss, I changed my mind and left my options open."

Which position is each school recruiting you to play? "I am not really sure what Nebraska is recruiting me to play, but I think safety. Ole Miss is definitely recruiting me as a QB. Everybody else is for safety."

Talk about your trip to Ole Miss. "It was wonderful. They treated me right. I went to see them play the Citadel. I did not expect the town to be like that but it is wonderful down there."

What were you expecting from the town of Oxford? "I thought the town was big, but it is a little town. I do not mind it being small though. Everybody knows you and they can come see the game."

Who was your host? "Bryan Brown and Brandon Jacobs. They were my hosts. They are nice guys. They showed me a good time, real good time."

What impressed you the most about Ole Miss during your trip? "Just how their fans love their football players. Basically if you do not have fans, what is there, you know."

How did you meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "Like I expected it. I knew Coach O when he was at USC, so I knew what to expect. He recruited me at USC when I was a sophomore in high school. "

Did he ask you to commit? "No, he asked me some questions, but he never asked me about any commitment. I think he knows how itis, that other people want to take their trips, so."

Where does Ole Miss now stand with you? "They are at the top of my list, you know, hopefully they can stay up there."

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