Taking official to Ole Miss this weekend

Jamal Harvey (WR/S, Jacksonville, FL) - Jamal Harvey is a multidimensional threat for Andrew Jackson.

He plays offense, defense, and punts. In fact, he leads their conference with a 41.7 yard per punt average.

Not bad considering he was thrown into the punting equation when their returning starter broke his foot the week before the regular season started. But make no mistake, colleges from all over the country are not eyeing Harvey to be their punter. Jamal is one of the more explosive athletes in the Sunshine state, as evident by his 18 yard per catch average in one of Florida's toughest divisions.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jamal Harvey:

How is your season going? "We are not doing too good. We are 4 - 3."

What are your stats for the season? "I average over 41 yards a punt. I have 45 tackles and 3 int's at free safety. At receiver, I have 350 yards and 3 TD's."

What most have you improved on this season? "Probably defense the most. I did not play too much defense last year, only five games, so I kind of surprised myself."

Are you still being mainly recruited for wide receiver? "Yes sir."

Have you lined up your official visits? "I am going to Ole Miss this weekend. That is the only one planned for now."

Who else in the running to receive a visit? "Probably Florida State, Alabama, and UCF probably."

All offered? "Yes sir."

Any additional offers? "LSU and Louisville have."

Which school is coming after you the hardest? "Probably Ole Miss and FSU too."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "It is a pretty good school, academically. They are an up and coming program. Hopefully I can get on the field and play. Their coach use to be a defensive coordinator, so they have a defensive mentality. I like that a lot."

What is Ole Miss recruiting you for? "It does not matter. They said I could choose between WR and FS, but I think they like me at safety most."

What are FSU's positives? "It is a big time school. They get a lot of talented players and send them to the pros. I will take my visit and make my decision. And their defense, they play real fired up and do not let people in the endzone. I like that a lot."

And Alabama? "It is a good school. I always knew it was a good school, but everybody kept telling me it was not. Did you see what they did to Florida? They do not play scared. The Florida game woke me up."

Do you have a leader yet? "Not yet."

What will you be looking at while you are on your official visits? "I want to see what their campus is like and what their dorms are like. How they practice, things like that."

Jamal has a 3.0 GPA and an 18 on the ACT.

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