Chris Smelley takes in official at Ole Miss

Chris Smelley (QB, Tuscaloosa, AL) -'s #29 nationally rated quarterback took an official visit to the University of Mississippi over the weekend. We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Chris Smelley:

How is your season going? "We had an amazing game on Friday. We won 41-40 against the defending state champs. We got the ball with one minute left and down by six. We scored on a 25 yard pass to tie the game. Then we ended up kicking a field goal to win the game. It was best game I have probably ever been involved in."

What were your stats for the game and the season? "I threw for 308 yards, and I think that puts me at a little over 2,100 yards for the season. I have 34 TD's and 2 int's."

What most have you improved on this season? "I really worked hard in the offseason. I worked on my arm strength, accuracy, and consistency. This is our second year under this system, and our offense has really gelled. It really is my teammates, really."

Been on any recent college recruiting trips? "I took an official visit to Ole Miss this weekend. I just got back in."

Anybody come with you? "My dad and brother came. David Kindred (Ole Miss baseball commit), a good friend of mine from school, was also there."

Was this your first visit to Ole Miss? "I went up there for their camp, but this was my first game of theirs to see."

What did you learn? "Well, I had never been to one of their games, and it was a great one to see. They had a few things not go their way or they would have won. The crowd was really into it and I liked the atmosphere. I got to eat at Oxford Steakhouse with Coaches Mazzone and Orgeron after the game. I really enjoyed that."

What were your father's thoughts? "He was really impressed too. Dad enjoyed sitting down and talking to their coaches. We had all of our questions answered. It really went well."

Which questions did you have? "We wanted to look at their offense. I wanted to see how I would hit in their offensive scheme. I think I match up perfectly with what they need. I also wanted to get to know their staff, so getting that one on one time really helped. I really liked both coaches, Mazzone and Orgeron. I wanted to see what they are going to do to get their program on the rise, and after seeing everything for myself, I really think they are going to get there."

Where does Ole Miss now stand with you ? "Oh, they are definitely one of my favorite schools. I still want to take a few more trips first, but they are definitely one of my top teams."

Where do you want to visit? "I am definitely going to visit Louisville. I am not sure on the date yet, but I am going. I will also probably visit Louisville."

Anybody else in the picture? "Ole Miss, Louisville, South Carolina, and Alabama are the main ones."

Which colleges have now given you a scholarship offer? "Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tulane, LSU, Memphis, Louisville, and Oregon."

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