One of Florida's best takes official to OM

Steven Wesley (DE, Bartow, FL) - You will not see many more sought after players in the Sunshine State than Bartow product, Steven Wesley.

So far, Steven has taken official visits with Ohio State (9/10) and Ole Miss 10/15).

Florida (1/28), Alabama (11/12), and Maryland (12/2) are also set to receive an official visit, but it looks like Miami is going to bump one these three schools, as the Hurricanes offered Wesley last week.

We called to see how Steven's official visit with the University of Mississippi went over the weekend.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Steven Wesley:

How is your season going? "Good. We are 4-3 right now."

What are your stats for the season at right defensive end? "I have 51 tackles, 6 sacks, and 1 interception for the season."

What most have you improved on? "I think I improved on my quickness off of the ball and my techniques."

Talk about your official visit to Ole Miss over the weekend? "I just got back in today. It went real good. I liked it down there a lot. I like the people and the community. They are really friendly down there."

Did anyone accompany you? "No sir. I just flew over there on my own."

What stood out the most during the trip? "The people. They are real friendly. All of the players are well known in the community. Everybody knows them. Everybody knows everybody."

Who was your host? "Michael Bozeman. He is their team captain, pretty much the big man in town, but he does not have the big head or anything. Everybody knows him, but he is real down to earth."

What was your schedule during the visit? "I flew down there Friday. We had a bye (for our football team), so I got down there at a decent hour. That night, I got to hang out with the players. Everybody was real laid back, and not really wanting to do much because they had a game the next morning. But that really gave me a chance to just kick it with them and really get to know them. We just played video games all night. Then I woke up and went to the game. After the game, the coaches took us on a tour of their campus and facilities. I was really impressed with their practice facilities. They were the nicest I have seen so far. That night I got to eat with their coaches at a steak house. I went out with the players after dinner, and we just went out on the town."

How did you meeting with the Ole Miss go on Sunday? "I met with Coach Orgeron for about 20 minutes, and then I left with their defensive line coach to watch some film."

What did you think of the Ole Miss defense while watching the film and game? "I feel that I fit in real well. They like to pass rush their ends on nearly every single play. They like for them to get downfield and that is what I do best. I love to pass rush. I think I fit in real well with their defense scheme. One of the big things I learned to was that both of their starting ends are graduating, so that helps."

What was your biggest surprise about Ole Miss? "I thought it would be real country, but the town is a lot like my town. It felt like home. It just felt like home when I was there."

Where does Ole Miss now stand? "It is pretty hard to say. I will take the rest of my visits, but they are up there at the top of my list."

Now that you have taken two official visits; which school felt the most at home, Ohio State or Ole Miss? "Mississippi felt more at home than Ohio State."

Are you still scheduled to visit Alabama (11/21), Maryland (12/2), and Florida (1/28)? "I think I am going to cancel one of my visits because Miami offered me last week. I will probably visit Miami next and cancel one of the others."

Which school are you leaning to cancel? "Right now I am leaning towards Maryland, but I do not know for sure."

Any new offers? "Well, I told you Miami did. Iowa also offered me recently. The other schools have been offered."

Steven carries a 2.9 GPA / 890 SAT.

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