Nick Stephens gets even with his old school

Nick Stephens (QB, Flower Mound, TX) - Nick had to sit out his junior year due to him transferring from Marcus to Flowers Mound. The school that Nick transferred from just happened to be the team that his new school faced two Fridays ago.Nick settled the score as Flowers Mound defeated Marcus 35-25.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Nick Stephens on October 13th:

How is your season going? "We are 5 - 2 right now. We lost to Athens 27-24 and Plano East in overtime. We had three chances to win both game, but we just did not do it."

How did it feel to beat your old team, Marcus High? "It was a huge game. Going into it, I had to treat it like any other game, but I wanted this one real bad. But once the the horn was over, it was weird because of the transfer rule (having to sit out). I am glad it is over, but it was even better to get the win."

What are your season totals? "I have over 1,700 yards passing with 18 TD's and 8 int's."

What most have you improved on this season? "Each game, I am just trying to stay cool and concentrate on my reads. I am getting a lot better."

Talk about your relationship with Richard Dickson. "Me and Richard actually played in the same pee wee league together. We grew up down the street from one another. He beat us in the championship game, but I got him back in the playoffs the next year. I do not know. He loves to compete and so do I. We use to play on the same street, and we would just get after it as kids. I can not wait to see him again at the LSU game. We are both taking our official visits together."

Will you take anymore officials besides Ole Miss? "I do not know yet. If I do, I will ask Coach Mazzone if he minds first. I would just want to see their campus, but if he does not want me doing that, that is fine."

Have you received any new scholarship offers? "The last offer I received was from Arizona."

Which colleges are still making phone contact with you? "Pretty much the same ones. Ole Miss, Arizona, Colorado, Stanford, and the other ones have pretty much backed off since I committed to Ole Miss."

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