Derrick Davis attends Ole Miss game

Derrick Davis (RB, Meridian, MS) - Mississippi's 2004 1st Team All-State running back for all classifications was in town for an unofficial visit on Saturday for the Ole Miss/Alabama game.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Derrick Davis:

How did your visit to Ole Miss go? "It was real good."

Who came with you? "Man, there were around 10 of us on our team who came with Coach (Sherrod) Miller. RB Cordera Eason, LB Roshaad Byrd, QB Justin Baker, Rodney Warren, CB Senterio Adam, just a lot of us."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip? "I did not learn too much new stuff. I was just visiting. I did not take anything away from it. I already know so much about Ole Miss because I have been up there a lot."

How was the atmosphere for the game? "It was a good atmosphere. Everybody was into the game. They should have beat them, to tell you the truth."

What did you think of the team? "They played good as a team. They just need a couple of more players, but their team looked good. They look like they like to have fun out there."

Did you watch Ole Miss' backs? "Yea I did."

How do you stack up? "I think I stack up real good."

Did you get a chance to speak with the Ole Miss coaches? "Yea, they told me to keep my rehab up and that they still stand by their word (to have a scholarship offer waiting on me)."

Did you set up your official visit? "No, I have not."

Do you have any officials set up? "No sir, but I will most likely visit West Virginia, Ole Miss, Auburn, and MSU."

Derrick has a 3.1 GPA and an 18 on the ACT.

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