Jamal Harvey talks about his official to OM

Jamal Harvey (WR/S, Jacksonville, FL) - Jamal took an official visit to the University of Mississippi last weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jamal Harvey:

How did your trip to Ole Miss go? "I had fun with my cousin, Michael Hicks. He showed me around and we had a good time. The people at Ole Miss are so nice. You walk down the Grove and everybody already knows who you are. Little kids were coming up to me and wanting my autograph, like I was already a part of their family. That made me feel good. The players, you know, most of the time they do not want to really be hanging out with the recruits, but not Ole Miss'. They are like their fans, just so nice. They made me feel welcomed. They are just like one big family. And their coaches, they tell you like it is. I mean, they were telling me as much about what I needed to improve on as what I do good (on the field). They shoot you the truth. Most coaches just tell you how good you are, but not Ole Miss', they tell you like it is. Overall, I really enjoyed my visit."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss that maybe you did not know from before? "I did not know their fans were like that. The game was packed. It was a full house. I did not know the players could step it up like that. That shocked me. That is what jumped out at me. How good their team really is."

Did any of your family accompany you? "No, since my cousin (Michael Hicks) was going to be showing me around, they did not see any reason to come down there. I was in good hands."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "It went pretty good. He was not like the other coaches where they are trying to get you to commit or anything. He just said I was a straight up player, and that was another plus."

Did he ask you where Ole Miss stands with you? "He asked me if they were in my Top 5, and I said of course."

So, where does Ole Miss stand with you? "They are still in my Top 5, probably in my Top 3 because I just took a visit. I am feeling pretty good about them right now."

Who else rounds out your Top 3? "Georgia and Florida State."

Jamal carries a 2.8 GPA and an 18 on the ACT.

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