Emanuel Cook talks about official to Ole Miss

Ole Miss hosted South Hot 100 member, Emanuel Cook, over the weekend. To read how his visit went, read below.

Emanuel Cook is a tremendous athlete that stars at linebacker and running back for his Palm Beach Gardens team, and he is on his way home from an official visit to Ole Miss this weekend.

"I had a great time at Ole Miss," said Cook "It was a wonderful visit. Patrick Willis and Jason Cook were my hosts.  I gained 10 pounds this weekend; every time we turned around there was more food," Cook added with a laugh.

Ole Miss has a great gameday atmosphere, and Oxford lived up to its reputation.

"I got to walk with the team through the Grove on Saturday, and that sent chills down my spine. I've never done anything like that before."

Cook spent a lot of time with the team after the victory on Saturday.

"After the game, we went back to a little party and hung out at Mike Espy's house. I got to talk with the players, and I had a great time hanging out with the team. They made me feel like I was part of the team when I was hanging out with them at the party."

Today's schedule included a meeting with the head man.

"This morning we got up and ate breakfast, and I went to Coach O's office where we had about a 45 minute conversation. We basically talked about how I truly felt about coming to Ole Miss. They told me where they wanted me to play, which is strong safety. He said they were also working on recruiting the best players in the state of Mississippi too and build towards championships. He told me he needed players like me to get there."

Ole Miss made a strong impression on Cook, but he is determined to see several teams before making a decision.

"Right now Ole Miss is one of my top teams. I'm going to Rutgers on December 9th, and NC State and South Carolina will definitely get visits before I make a decision."

Cook is a member of the South Hot 100.

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