Tony Burks takes in Ole Miss game

Tony Burks (WR, Gulf Coast CC, MS) - Mississippi's lone Army All-American in the Class of 2004 is going through the recruiting process for the second time. After signing with Ole Miss out of high school, Tony had to go the juco route and is expected to graduate in December.Burks has three leaders. They are MSU, Ole Miss, and Oklahoma State. All three schools will receive an official visit.

Tony attended the Ole Miss/Kentucky game on Saturday. We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Tony Burks:

How is your season going? "It is going pretty good. We are 4 - 1."

What are your stats for the year? "Right now, I say like 8 catches, and I do not even know how many yards I have. I know I have not scored yet."

You have now gone through your whole high school and junior college career without getting the ball much; how is this effecting your game? "I just try to not concentrate on it much. I will not lie, it is frustrating, but my time will come. The only thing I can do is work on the little things that do not involve catching. I am mostly working on my route running and blocking. I have seen improvement in both areas. I am just trying to stay focused."

Have you attended any college games this fall? "Just one. I went to the Ole Miss/Kentucky game on Saturday with Coach (Stephon) Moore. The game went good. I got a chance to look at their facilities. It has changed a lot since I signed with them the first time. It is so nice up there now. I enjoyed myself when I went up there. There have been a lot of big changes at Ole Miss since I signed."

What big changes are you speaking of? "The indoor facility and training room. And the tunnel going out to the field. I got to come out of the tunnel, and I got goose bumps. All of their facilities have changed since I signed. They have the new (stadium) expansion, new indoor complex, new field, new coaches, just everything. Everything is new and nice up there."

Did you get a chance to speak to the new coaching staff? "Yes sir. They just said I could be an impact player, so, they said they need me up there. They have 3 senior WR's that are graduating. They need some more WR's."

Will early playing time play a role in your decision? "Yes sir, no doubt. I know I have an opportunity to come in and start and get some early playing time, instead of playing behind someone. That is very important to me."

What will be some other factors? "That is the main thing, playing time, but the coaches will also be important. I want to see what they are saying."

What are your thoughts on the new coaching staff at Ole Miss? "They try to give you the same impression as the old coaches. It feels like nothing has changed up there, just new faces, that is all."

Have you lined up your official visits? "Right now, I set up a visit with MSU for the Egg Bowl, and I am going to set up a date with Ole Miss when they play Arkansas or LSU. I am going to Oklahoma State on December 9th."

Are you still scheduled to graduate in December? "Yes sir."

What attracts you to Oklahoma State? "They are out of state, but I would not mind checking out a program from outside of Mississippi. What I like most about Oklahoma State the most though is their coaching staff. They are always checking up on me and asking about how I am doing off of the field. They ask about my classes and things like that. It is not all about football with them. They want you to do just as well off of the field."

What are MSU's positives? "Coaches Croom and Holiday told me they needed a big time WR. They want me to come up there and be the guy. The leader for their team. They said I will be their top recruit for their class, and I could help them land some other top recruits. I also like their facilities too. I like their locker room. It is nice."

And lastly, what do you like about Ole Miss? "I like their facilities and coaches. Their coaches make me feel real homy feeling. They are real friendly. Coach Orgeron and I got a chance to sit down and talk on Saturday. He let me know how important I am for his club and that I can be an impact player for them."

Who is coming after you the hardest? "Right now, I would have to say MSU. Coaches Croom and Holiday are really coming after me pretty hard."

Do you feel like you are leaning in any direction right now? "Right now, I am just really looking. I can not say I am leaning a certain way. I have not just sat down with my mother and talked about all of my options. I will take my visits first and then go from there."

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