Anthony Dixon sets three official visits

Anthony Dixon (RB, Terry, MS) - South Hot 100 Member has now rushed for over 1, 9500 yards and 23 TD's for the season.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Anthony Dixon:

How did your game against Lawrence County go on Friday? "We won 30-23. I had 198 rushing yards and 4 TD's."

What does that bring your record to? "We are 7 - 1. Our only loss on the season is to Brookhaven. We tried to come back, but we made too many mistakes early on in the game. It was just too much to overcome."

During your stay at Terry; what is the deepest your team has made into the playoffs? "We got in the 1st round and lost to West Jones last year. That was our first appearance in like 10 years."

Talk about your two little brothers? "Rashun Dixon is my youngest. He is about 6' 2", 200 and he plays WR and OLB for us. He is going to be better than me, no question. The little man is so tough and fast. Rashun has it all. Antwan Dixon is a junior. He is also about 6' 2", 200. Antwan plays WR and FS for us. He is the fastest out of us. Antwan is also the smartest. Both of them were doing really good earlier on in the season, but then they both got hurt and have been bothered by injuries lately. They are both great players though."

Did you get a chance to take the ACT test on Saturday? "Yes sir. I felt good about it. Hopefully I passed the Math part so I do not have to take it anymore. I made a 17 on it the first time. That is all I need if I have a 2.5 GPA. Right now, I am not quite up to a 2.5 (GPA), but I will be there by the end of the year. But, I am not going to count on that, so I am shooting for an 18 on the ACT test. I want to be safe."

Have you been to any college games recently? "I went to LSU after I got through with the (ACT) test on Saturday."

How did it go? "It went real good. I liked it down there. The players were real good. Everything more than met my expectations. The stadium was the best one I have been to yet."

Did you stay overnight or did you come back after the game? "I drove back home after the game."

Which college game will you attend next? "I am not sure. I know I am probably going to the Ole Miss/LSU game, but I do not know about the others."

Have you had a chance to set up your official visits? "I have three of them so far. I am going to Ole Miss on December 2, Alabama on January 20, and MSU on January 27. I have been talking to the LSU coach this week about getting my date set with them. But for now, I just have those three."

Who else is in the running for your 5th visit? "I am thinking about USM or Auburn. I do not know. It is going to be a toss up. I really like Coaches Bowers and Hopson. I have developed a very tight relationship with those two. I would hate to not at least visit them, but I do not know, I like Auburn a lot too."

Who is coming after you the hardest? "I think probably Ole Miss and MSU. They probably want me the most and USM. Alabama and LSU are stressing to me that they really want me too, but I would have to say that Ole Miss and MSU want me the most."

What will be the factors in your decision? "I will probably look at the players and see how they interact with each other. I just want to be around a big family. I like most of my coaches, so that is really not a factor."

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