Justin Woodall attends 5th Ole Miss game

Justin Woodall (DB, Oxford, MS) - One of Mississippi's top prospects has begun to narrow the field.To see who has made the cut, read inside.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Justin Woodall:

How is the season going? "We beat N' East Lauderdale 42 - 14 Friday. We are 7 - 1 right now."

What were your stats for the game? "I had some breakups and some passing yards, and I also caught a TD pass."

Did you move from QB to WR? "Just for a play. We really needed a TD before half so they moved me over there. I caught the pass , and I went back to QB for the rest of the game."

Do you have your season stats? "I do not. I have 3 int's and that is all I know for sure."

What most have you improved on this season? "I am probably just a little more experienced."

Any recent phone calls? "I just got off the phone with Ole Miss."

Who called? "All of them were on the phone. Coaches Deleone, Orgeron, Rippon, Hughes, just all of them. They always put me on a speaker phone and it is crazy. They are always yelling and screaming. It is like we are in a game or something."

What did they say? "The same old. They wanted me to come over there. They are trying to set up my (official) visit."

Did you set it up? "Yea, I think I am going over there on December 2nd through the 4th."

Who else are you visiting? "I am going to Alabama on December 9th and MSU on January 20th."

Which colleges are in the running for your last two visits? "Memphis and Tennessee."

Do you have a leader yet? "No (laugh)."

Do you have a Top 2 yet? "No (laugh)."

Have you had a chance to take in any college games? "I have been to all of the Ole Miss home games, and I also went to their game when they played up at Memphis, but that is it so far."

Future games? "I will probably go to the Alabama/LSU game."

Which college is coming after you the hardest? "All of them really, but probably Ole Miss, Alabama, and MSU are coming at me the strongest."

What attracts you to Alabama? "I do not know. They have a lot of players leaving, and I could probably play early."

And Ole Miss? "I like their coaches and all. Coach Orgeron is real intense, and I would like to play for a coach like him. I have a good chance to play there too."

What are MSU's positives? "Really, I have not been around them too much. I just went down to their 7 on 7 camp."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors? "My major and am I going to play next year. I want to come in and make an immediate impact."

Did you get a chance to take the ACT test on Saturday? "Yea, I think I did pretty good."

Justin carries a 2.45 GPA and a 16 on the ACT.

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