Recruiting Update with Marcus Tillman

Marcus Tillman (DE, Franklin County, MS) - One of Mississippi's top prospects committed to LSU back on May 16th. We called to check on Marcus' season and commitment status.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Marcus Tillman:

How is your season going? "It is going by quick. We are 3 - 3 now."

Why the drop off from last year? "We just have not jelled. We have a new coach and all, so it has been hard."

Rate your play so far? "I do no think I am doing too good. I would give myself a D."

Why? "I do not know. I have been trying to figure it out. I was doing something different last year. I was a lot better then. I am just in a slump right now."

What is missing in your game? "Maybe I was a little quicker last year. I do not know. It's something, I just do not know what."

Do you have your stats for the season? "I have been playing different positions this year. We have a difference defense this year. I am one of the three down linemen. The last two games I have had a sack in each game and 6 or 7 tackles. Before that, I did not have too many (tackles and sacks)."

Are you now playing defensive tackle? "They call it an end, but I am head up on the tackle. I am playing some linebacker too."

Which colleges are keeping in phone contact with you? "Ole Miss calls me on every Monday, no matter what. They get all of their coaches on the speaker phone and you get to talk to each one of them. They are always real hyped up when they call. I enjoy talking to them. Alabama, LSU, Alcorn State, and USM are also calling."

Any new scholarship offers since this summer? "No sir."

Which college is coming after you the hardest? "I would have to say Ole Miss."

Have you set up any official visits? "I made a commitment to LSU, and they told me that they did not want me to take any official visits, so I have not set up any."

Would you still like to take your official visits or are you satisfied with just visiting LSU? "I have been thinking about this. Everybody tells me that you need to experience it because it is a once and lifetime experience, so I do no know."

Been to any college games? "I was planning to go the LSU/Tennessee game but something came up. I also planned to go up to Ole Miss to see them play Alabama, but my ride fell through. There have been a lot of distractions going on around here."

Which distractions are you speaking about? "Hurricane Katrina. Homecoming, I have a dance this week. Sr Day, you know, just a lot of stuff."

Marcus carries a 3.3 GPA and a 19 on the ACT.

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