Frank Harry visits Ole Miss

Frank Harry (DT, Pearl River CC, MS) - One of the country's premier junior college defensive tackles took in his third unofficial visit to the University of Mississippi last weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Frank Harry:

How is the season going? "Man, we lost to Gulf Coast CC 55-47 last week. It has been tough on our team. This is our first loss since I have been here. Everybody is just down and out right now."

Describe what you are feeling. "I feel kind of responsible for this whole thing. We gave up 55 points. We had a 23 game winning streak come to an end. We let a lot of people down. This knocked us out of the national championship game most likely. We wanted to repeat. Man, I can not tell you how bad this hurts. I just want to play tomorrow. I feel for the guy that I am going up against next week. I am going to hurt somebody out there. I mean, I just have all of this frustration built up in me. I really might knock someone out Thursday when we play Ms Delta CC."

Do you have your stats for the season? "No sir, I know I am averaging around 10 tackles a game, but that is all I know."

Have you had a chance to take in any college games this fall? "I went up to Ole Miss this past weekend."

Did anyone accompany you? "My mother, father, and sister came with me."

What did they think of Ole Miss? "They liked it a lot. But to them, it does not matter where I go. They just want me to go where I am the most happy. They are going to support me no matter where I go."

Has your family taken anymore trips besides the one to Ole Miss? "No sir. That was their first school to see."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss during your trip? "Well, this was my third trip up there this Fall. I have pretty much seen it all up there. But as far as their team, I like how they are playing defense. They are losing some inside guys, so I can see myself having a great chance to start there next year."

Did you get a chance to talk to their coaches? "Yes sir, I met with them after and before the game."

What did they say? "They were just talking about the game, my season, and they said when I was ready to come sign with them, just to let them know."

Do you feel like you are leaning towards Ole Miss now? "I can not say I am leaning towards them, but is is close."

Have you had a chance to set up your official visits? "Not yet. I am getting closer to it. Coach wants to see if we are going to a bowl game before we start setting up the dates."

Which colleges are in the running to receive an official visit? "Ole Miss, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and TCU right now. I might not even take my fifth visit. I just do not know yet."

Frank is on schedule to graduate from Pearl River CC in December. He will have 3 1/2 years to play 2 on the next level.

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