Bryant Miller schedules official with Rebs

Bryant Miller (DE, Miami, FL) -'s #32 nationally rated defensive end has scheduled an official visit with Ole Miss on January 27th. Miami, Auburn, Ohio State, and Florida State will also receive an official visit.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Bryant Miller:

Are you OK from the Hurricane? "Yea, our electricity is out. It is rough right now, but we are OK."

How is your season going? "It is going good. We are 6-1 right now."

Do you know your stats? "I have 30 something tackles and 6 sacks."

Any weekly awards? "I was named Central's Outstanding Player one week."

Who are the main schools you are hearing from? "Miami, Florida State, everybody man, Ole Miss, Auburn. Everybody is calling."

Have you set up your official visits? "Not really, not yet. I did set one up with Ole Miss in January, but I have not gotten the rest of them set up yet."

Who else will you visit? "The same ones as always. Miami, Florida State, Ohio State, Ole Miss, and Auburn. Those are my top schools."

Has each school offered you a scholarship? "Yes sir."

Which college is coming after you the hardest? "I would have to say Auburn and Miami."

What stands out about Auburn? "I like their defensive coordinator as well as Miami's. I like how they run their defense. That stands out the most."

What about Miami? "Same exact thing, you know. I have been interested in Miami."

How did you become interested in Ole Miss? "First of all, I always liked Ole Miss. They have a good school. They also have a coach that has sent a lot of defensive linemen to the pros. He is real cool. But what I like most about Ole Miss is the fact that I will be able to get some early playing time if I go there. That is what I am looking at the hardest right now, early playing time. I rather not redshirt."

Which colleges give you the best chance to play next year? "Auburn, Miami, and I am not too sure about Florida State. Those are the two I know for sure, and Ole Miss, those are the three I know for sure. I can play for any of them teams next year."

What is your current academic status? "I have an excellent GPA. I have a 2.8 Core GPA right now, but that will be over a 3.0 by the end of the year. I am taking the SAT test for the first time on November 22nd.

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