Kendrick Lewis talks about where he stands

Kendrick Lewis (WR, Gainesville, GA) - We were able to catch up with with one of the South's top wide receiver prospects.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Kendrick Lewis:

How is the season going? "Good, we are 9-1 now. We have completed our regular season. We play O' Connee at home on Friday in the 1st round. Everybody is fired up around here."

What are your expectations for your new team? "I expect us to go out there and play two to three times better than we did in the regular season. We have to take them one at a time. It is do or die. We just have to play hard but more importantly, smart. If we do this, everything else will take care of itself."

What have been your stats for the past two games since we last spoke? "Against Chestadee, I had 7 catches for 191 yards and 1 TD. This past Friday we played Westhall. I had 6 catches for 100 yards and 2 TD's."

This brings your season total to? "In six games, I have close to 800 yards receiving and 8 TD's."

Is there any truth to the rumors that you might be wavering with your commitment to Ole Miss? "Until somebody shows me something better than Ole Miss has shown me, I am still going to Ole Miss. Where ever I feel more comfortable on my visits is where I will go."

Have you set up any official visits? "No, but I plan to. I have just been focusing on the playoffs."

Are you still not scheduled to visit Ole Miss on December 3rd? "Yes sir, I just have not set up any additional visits yet."

Do you really still feel solid with your commitment to Ole Miss? "Yea, I am still committed to Ole Miss. I am there 100% until I see better."

What do you tell Ole Miss when they read reports about you wanting to take some additional visits? "I tell him that I aint going anywhere but Ole Miss, but that I still want to take my visits. I keep it real with him. He knows I am still 100% solid with Ole Miss."

You stated that you wanted to visit Florida State and Virginia Tech the last time we spoke; has anyone new come into the picture? "I have heard from Virginia Tech and North Carolina, but I have not heard from Florida State lately. Tennessee has come in the picture though, big time."

Did you get a chance to retake your ACT test last Saturday? "No, I did not, but I am taking the ACT test in December and the SAT test in November."

What do you need to make to become a full qualifier? "I need a 17 or an 18."

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