Raven Gray names a leader

Raven Gray (DE, Enterprise, AL) - We were able to get in touch with Scout.com's #19 nationally rated defensive end.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Raven Gray:

How is your season going? "We are 8-2 now. We have done good."

Who do you face in the 1st round of the playoffs? "We play Robert E Lee."

What are your stats for the season? "I am not sure, but I have 10 sacks for sure. I do not know how many tackles I have. I have 190 something production points. I set the school record for most sacks in a game with 5 1/2."

What most have you improved on this year? "The run. I play the run better. I have worked a lot on my pass rushing too."

What most do you need to improve on? "Playing the run. I need to get stronger."

What are you current vitals? "I am 6' 3", 235."

Have you set up your official visits? "No, I will wait until basketball season to take some visits."

You play basketball? "Yea, I am the 4 man. I got game. I averaged 15 points and 13 rebounds last year. I won the Defensive trophy the past two years."

Which colleges are you interested in taking an official visit with? "I am interested in visiting LSU, Auburn, MSU, and I am going to go to Alabama and probably Georgia."

Who all has offered you? "I have offers from LSU, Auburn, MSU, Alabama, USM, Georgia, and Tennessee."

When was the last time you were in contact with someone from Ole Miss? "I have not really talked to them lately. My parents talked to Coach Nelson the other day. He is going to come up to Enterprise and get to know my parents."

Which college is recruiting you the hardest? "Auburn and LSU."

What do Auburn and LSU do differently than the rest of the schools? "I talk to their coaches the most. Coach Esminger (AU) calls a lot, at least once a week. I went to their camp there, so I am pretty familiar with them. I also talk to Coach Henson (LSU) a lot."

Talk about MSU. "I like Coach Croom a lot. He is from Alabama. They have a great tradition and a great program They are going to be one of the teams you are going to have to look out for in the near future. I think Coach Croom is going to get a lot of good players up there and win a lot of games."

What about Georgia? "They have some big time players there. They help you a lot at Georgia. They also have a great team, but I have not really talked to their coaches a whole lot. I do not know what is up with that, so I do not know too much about Georgia."

Are you leaning in any one direction? "I am leaning towards Auburn."

What is your current academic status? "I am not sure what my GPA is, and I am retaking the ACT test in December."

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