5 Star RB has Ole Miss on his mind

C.J. Gable (RB, Sylmar, CA) - Scout.com's #6 nationally rated running back took some time with us to discuss how his season and recruitment is coming around.

The following information was revealed during our interview with CJ Gable:

How is your season going? "Everything is good. We are undefeated at 8 - 0."

What are your stats for the year? "I do not know really. I think 1, 328 rushing yards and 20 TD's. Somewhere around there."

What most have you improved on this season compared to the rest of your career? "My running skills. I hit the holes faster. I have not danced a lot. I am just a north and south runner now. I think I was doing too much dancing last year."

Was that something you noticed on your own, or did your coaches tell you to run more north to south? "Really, I just noticed it while I was watching my film this summer during the offseason. I just told myself that if I want to do that much dancing, I might as well go to the club than the field (laugh)."

Have you set up your official visits? "I have three set up so far. I am going to Ole Miss (11/17), California (12/11), and Arizona (1/20)."

Who will round out your visit list? "Probably USC and UCLA."

Anybody else in the picture? "I talk to a lot of people, but those are the main schools."

Are you still leaning towards USC? "Yes sir."

Why USC? "Because I have a good relationship with Coach Burns. We are real cool and close."

UCLA still in second? "I would say so."

What do you like about UCLA? "I like how they run their offense."

Who would come in third? "Probably Ole Miss."

How did you become interested in Ole Miss? "Because I like Coach Orgeron. He was at USC, and he recruited me while he was there. I think he is one of the best coaches in country. I could really see myself playing for him."

You stated before that your mother wants you staying close to home; will distance be a factor for you and Ole Miss? "A little bit, but I can still go there, but I do not know. I really have not given that much thought about it, to tell you the truth."

Which school is in 4th place right now? "Probably California."

What are California's positives? "They have a real exciting offense."

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