What is on Chris Smelley's mind?

Chris Smelley (QB, Tuscaloosa, AL) - We were able to get in touch with Scout.com's #7 QB in the South.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Chris Smelley:

How is your season going? "We are 10-0. I have over 2, 800 yards passing , 45 TD's, and 3 int's."

You have taken your official visit to Ole Miss; set up anymore? "I am still working on getting up to Louisville. I am taking one up there for sure, but I do not have a date set in stone. Other than that, I have not set up any."

What do you like about Louisville? "I know Louisville is always at the top in the nation in offense every year. They have a great coach. That is a big draw for them. They are just a good school. Everyone I have talked to said it is a great school and a great place to play."

Been anywhere unofficially? "I have not been anywhere since I went to the Ole Miss game. I just have not had the time."

Which colleges are keeping in weekly contact? "All of the schools that offered me are in contact with me. I have been talking to South Carolina and Alabama a lot lately too."

And your offers are? "Gosh, lets see, Ole Miss, Louisville, LSU, Tulane, Memphis, Oregon. Those are the ones that come off of the top of my head."

How does it feel to have that many options? "It kind of makes you secure knowing you have that many choices. It kind of takes off the pressure off a little bit."

Some people believe that if Alabama were to offer you; that is where you would end up. Is this true? "No, that is definitely not true. I still want to take some visits and look at my options. If they were to offer me today, I would not accept it on the spot."

Would you accept their offer after you took all of your visits? "Not unless it was the best fit for me."

Where does Ole Miss fall in your pecking order? "The same as they have always been. I like them a lot, a whole lot. They are one of my top schools. After I get done taking all of my visits, if they are where they are right now, I would end up there. I could definitely see myself playing for Coach Mazzone (at Ole Miss)."

Talk about South Carolina; are they staying in constant contact? "Yea, they have been contacting my coach about me. And they call me also. Yea, they are showing me a lot of interest."

Chris projects as a full qualifier as he has already received a passing score on the ACT and carries a 3.98 GPA.

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