Sunshine star set to visit Ole Miss

Sabbath Joseph (LB, Miami, FL) - Orlando Sentinel's #11 overall athlete in the state of Florida has scheduled an official visit with the University for November 18th. The day the Rebels are playing the LSU Tigers. Joseph will be joined by South Hot 100 member and teammate, Bryant Miller, on his trip to Oxford.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Sabbath Joseph:

What are your strengths at linebacker? "I think it is my quickness and agressivness to the ball. I love to break down the film to get an edge on my opponent. I love to study the game."

What most do you need to work on this season? "Every tackle, I need to keep my shoulder pads lower and square."

What is your favorite thing to do on the field? "I like to intimidate people out there. I prove it on the field. I talk a lot, but I also walk the walk."

How is your season going? "We started off really good. We worked hard in the summer on our conditioning. So far, we are 6-1. We lost a really tough game but it is what we do in the playoffs that really count. We want to win the state championship. Are we going to put our heads down and tuck our tail, or are we going to come out swinging to get back to the top."

What are your stats for the season? "I have 65 tackles, 6 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, a blocked punt, and an interception for a TD."

What most have you improved on this season? "My conditioning, and I am a lot more quicker from side line to side line. I make big plays down the field, and I have also improved my strength a lot."

Which colleges are you hearing from? "Right now, I hear from Florida State, Miami, South Florida, Auburn, Arizona State, Rutgers, Ole Miss, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Memphis, and Colorado is looking at me. It is real tough because I do not want this to interfere with my season. I am going to take my visits, and look at their graduation rates, atmosphere, weather, and their community. Can I make this my home or not? That is basically what it will come down to."

Have you set up your official visits? "I have one set for Ole Miss on the (November) 18th. Me and Bryant (Miller) are going down there together to check things out. I have not made a Top 5 list or anything, but I would love to also visit Florida State, Arizona State, Rurgers, and I do not know who my last visit will be with. Coach told me I only get five visits. I do not know yet. It might be Auburn. I do not know. I will just have to wait and see."

Out of those colleges; which ones have offerd? "Offered, Rutgers, Auburn, South Florida, Central Florida, and Arizona State. ASU is getting ready to send me one in the mail. They gave me a verbal offer and said it was coming in the mail."

Who is coming after you the hardest? "I have to say Arizona State, Rutgers, Florida State and also Ole Miss."

Which coach(s) have you developed the tightest bond? "I have with all of them, but one coach is Bill Miller from Arizona State. I enjoy Coach Hassan from FSU, because when you talk to him, he is a down to earth guy. He has also known my high school coach for 20 years. My coach tells me that I can trust him and that he is not going to just be telling me what I want to hear."

Sabbath has a 2.4 GPA and has yet to take the ACT/SAT test.

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