Rory Johnson has become a hot commodity

Rory Johnson (LB, Hinds CC, MS) - Rory was one of the more hotly contested recruits to come out of the Magnolia State in the '04 class.

He eventually signed with MSU and left Ole Miss at the alter. Now it looks like the Rebs and Dogs are at it again, as both schools are in Rory's Top 3, along with the LSU Tigers.

Funny how things go in a full circle, as these three schools were also the top choices coming out of high school.

Will Rory choose the Dogs for a second time or will he sign with Ole Miss or LSU?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Rory Johnson:

What are your current vitals? "I am 6' 2", 245, and I still have my 4.5 speed."

How is your season going? "I averaged about 11 tackles a game. We only played six games because of the Hurricane (Katrina), and I only got to play in six of them because I got suspended for the last game because I got into a fight the game before."

What were your stats from your freshman season at Hinds CC? "I had 90 tackles and 5 sacks."

Didn't you miss some action that year because of an injury? "Yes sir, I missed 2 1/2 games my freshman year."

Was it the same leg you messed up in high school? "Yes sir. It was the same leg."

How has that leg felt this year? "I have been 100% this year. I have been lifting weights a whole lot more. I have gotten stronger."

What most have you improved on this year? "I believe my strength has let me hit harder. I hit harder this year. My tackling is real good."

Who are the main schools that are recruiting you? "The same ones. LSU, MSU, and Ole Miss."

Any offers? "All three of them have offered me. USM and Nebraska have been sending me a whole lot of letters to my house too."

Have you set up your official visits? "I go to MSU for the Egg Bowl (November 26th). I am going to Ole Miss on December 9th, and I talking to LSU about visiting in January. We are going to get that straight this week."

What are LSU's positives? "They have a whole lot of people leaving on their defense. I can take it over. I have been in juco for two years working on my skills."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "They already got some good linebackers, but they can make me better. Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in college. Maybe they can make me the next "P Willie". They also recruited me hard out of high school, so."

What do you like about MSU? "That is who I signed with out of high school, so. I could come in there and help them out. I watched them play Bama on TV this weekend. Their defense looked real good."

Is MSU the leader for your services? "I would not say that. LSU, MSU, and Ole Miss are all equal. I am wide open."

Which one is coming after you the hardest? "Probably MSU. Well, LSU, MSU, and Ole Miss are all coming after me about the same. I really could not say one is coming after me harder than the other. They all call me once a week. Text message me every week. I call them every week. Man, I really do not even know. I am still open to any of those schools."

What will be the number one factor when you are trying to decide on the best school for you? "Just where I can play next year. I have already spent two years of my eligibility. I do not want to sit."

When will you graduate? "In May."

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