Rebels continue to make inroads in California

Jonathan Cornell (LB, La Puente, CA) - It was no secret that Ole Miss was going to hit the state of California hard when they hired former USC head football coach, Ed Orgeron.

The hard work has paid off, as the Rebels now have 8 prospects from the state of California who are slated to take an official visit with Ole Miss. All eight are rated by as 3 stars or better. The latest addition is Bishop Amat product, Jonathan Cornell.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jonathan Cornell:

How is your season going? "It is going kind of shaky. We dropped two league games back to back. Now we have to beat our Rival team, Matar-Dei, and we have not beaten them in 15 years. We have our work cut out for us if we want to make the playoffs."

Rate your play this year? "My play has been up to par. The past two games, were really outstanding. I had 19 tackles (a game)."

What does that bring your season total to? "I do not know. The last two games were more than usual though."

Have you scheduled your official visits? "Yea, quite a few to be honest. I am going to Ole Miss on November 19th, like in two weeks. I am going to Arizona State on December 9th, and I am going to USC on December 16th."

Your last two visits will be with who? "UCLA and Oregon."

How did you become interested in Ole Miss with them being so far away? "One day Coach (Ryan) Neilson came to my school. I knew about them because they had Eli, and I knew they played in the SEC. But really, that is about all I knew about them. So, I kept asking around town about them, and I got nothing but positive feedback from the people in the community. I got to doing some research on them, and I learned that their LB coach has coached two Butkis Award winners. That was a real big thing for me. I do not know, everything they are saying is making since. I can not wait to check things out over there."

What attracts you to Arizona State? "I like Coach Fiddler. He is a good guy. I know their defense plays really well. They have one of the best defenses in the PAC 10. I have always liked ASU for some odd reason. I just want to see what it is like on my visit."

Talk about USC. "SC,. wow, where do I begin. I grew up in the area. Just their tradition and coaching they have now. The way they practice is amazing."

And UCLA. "To me, they are like a program that is on the verge of becoming a big time program. I know they lost to Arizona, but I think they are really on the rise. I also know they have a big time 2006 (recruiting) class, and I could be the centerpiece. That is attractive for me. Plus, Coach Bienemy recruits me for UCLA. He is like a legend at our high school. He played here. Coach "B" is real cool."

What do you like about Oregon? "I do not know much about Oregon, but I do know they play real good defense. They play real fast and intense. I heard it was crazy to play in their stadium. They say it is real intense. Even Matt Liener had a hard time playing there."

Are you leaning to any one school? "Man, I could not even begin to name a leader. I have no clue. I am wide open."

What are going to be the factors in your decision? "I can not pin point it to one thing. It is just going to be that feel I get when I am on my visits. Like, this is it, a moment of clarity."

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