Nick Stephens could be the future for Rebs

Nick Stephens (QB, Flowers Mound, TX) - Nick and Flowers Mound gave it a good run but they came up just short of making the 5A playoffs.Stephens had an unbelievable year as he passed for over 300 yards in seven of the ten games he played in. Not bad when you consider that he had to sit out his junior season due to the transfer ruling.

Nick has already begun to train for the next level. Stephens is currently working with speed trainer to work on his footwork.

Stephens will enroll at Ole Miss in June with hopes of taking the QB reigns over.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Nick Stephens:

How did your season go? "It is done. We lost on Friday to the #7 team in the state. We were up by two with two minutes left, and they scored on us with 1:30 left. We drove down to their 15, and I was about to get sacked on 4th down. I just threw it up, and man, you know what happened from there. I feel really bad for our team. We all worked so hard to get to the playoffs. We were so close. We lost three games by a total of ten points to teams that were all ranked in the Top 10. I am really hurting, but I know there is much more for me to accomplish in my football career. I can not wait to get up to Ole Miss and get going."

What were your final stats for the season? "I threw for over 2, 700 yards and 24 TD's. I do not know my rushing yards."

Has Texas begun to give out their State awards? "Not until the playoffs are over."

What will you take away from your senior season? "I think the biggest thing this year has to be the experience I gained. It also showed me what I need to work on for Ole Miss."

And what is that? "My footwork. I have actually already begun to work on my footwork. I have a speed trainer now. It is not bad, but I want to get it better."

Are you still scheduled to take your visit to Ole Miss for the LSU game? "Yes sir."

Will you take anymore visits? "I have not had any coaches ask me if I want to come in for a visit, so I have not even talked to Coach Mazzone about it. Even if I do visit, it will not effect my decision to come to Ole Miss at all."

Have you spoken to the Ole Miss staff about their recruitment of other QB's? "Yea, they keep me up to date. They said they might want to commit one more QB because of depth. They will probably try to sign just one more."

Are you keeping track with who they are recruiting? "Oh yea (laugh), I kind of hear and read stuff, but it does not really matter because you have to compete where ever you go."

Were you surprised that your childhood friend, Richard Dickson, committed to LSU before you two took your official visit together at Ole Miss? "I really was. I mean, we just talked last week about seeing each other at Ole Miss for our visit. I thought he would hold off to at least when he took his official visit to Ole Miss. I have been trying to call him, but I have not been able to get in touch. I do not know what the deal is. Hopefully he will still come on his visit."

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