Visit list notes for Arkansas game

All of the expected official visitors were in attendance today.

Except we did not see (RB) Keiland Williams in the section where the recruits were sitting.

We were told that Keiland had made it in from Hargrave for his official visit, but we simply did not see him.

We got a chance to view a few things.

First, when the crowd did the Hotty Toddy at the start of the game, Aubrey and Korey jumped out of their seats and were very impressed.

On the hoof observations:

(OL) Aubrey McPhadden is one big dude. Bigger than anybody on our team, ditto for (OL) Clarence Bailey.

(DL) Korey Raymond is a pretty looking dude on the hoof too. He just had that look of someone who plays on the DL and not OL.

(DB) Laurence Marius is pretty wiry but had good height.

(RB) Toby Gerhart and (RB) C.J. Gable did not look as big as advertised, but they both looked like good athletes.

After looking at Toby on the hoof, I think he is more built for TB than FB.

Unofficial Visitors

We spotted (QB) Matthew Malouf, (RB) Anthony Dixon, (TE)Wallace McLaurin, (FB) Benji Maher, and (WR) Terry Levy at the game.

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