The Sleeper - Duke Calhoun

Even in today's age of the Internet covering the planet, players still manage to slip under the radar into November and beyond. Duke Calhoun of Raleigh-Egypt in Memphis is a name that was brought to the forefront of recruiting last week, and the descriptions of a 6-3 wide receiver that could run like the wind had some hard core recruitniks wondering if the player even existed. Now they can see for themselves in this presentation by ScoutTV.

The name Duke Calhoun hit the network last week with such praise that some wondered if he was nothing but a hoax. A mythical player born to poke fun at the process of recruiting. How else can a 6-3 wide receiver that hits like a truck on defense and score 17 touchdowns fall through the cracks this long?

It happens.

There's nothing hokey about Duke Calhoun and his ability on the football field. He is a long strider that runs through angles. He plays defense tenaciously and chases down ball carriers with a little George Teague in him (Teague of the famous run down and strip in the 1993 Sugar Bowl on Alabama's 1992 National Championship Team).

Calhoun sometimes lets the ball get into his body too much on his receptions, but he also shows the ability to go up high in traffic and make the tough catch with his hands.

He is big; he is physical; he is athletic.

Duke Calhoun is Legit.

Ole Miss, Memphis, and Kansas are the first schools to offer him a scholarship, and he will have several more suitors by Signing Day.

See him in action in this presentation by ScoutTV*

#22 ATH Duke Calhoun

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