Keiland Williams discusses Ole Miss trip

Keiland Williams (RB, Hargrave, VI) - One of the top tailbacks in the country took an official visit with the University of Mississippi last weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Keiland Williams:

Where are you originally from? "I am from Lafayette (LA). I played at N' Side last year."

What were your stats as a juniorr? "I rushed for over 2, 500 yards and 38 TD's."

Any awards? "I was named Louisiana's Player of the Year and Student Sports named me to their Underclass All-American team."

How did you end up at Hargrave? "I was not sure if I was going to be eligible for my senior season. My grades were not too good, and I was short on my ACT test, so I wanted to get in a better studying environment. Also, I knew if I waited until after my senior season, I knew I was going to have to come here or attend a junior college. I did not want to miss another year of college football."

Have you made your needed ACT score this semester? "I have retaken it, but I have not gotten my score back in. I took the SAT test and made a 760. All I need is a 820, so I am going to concentrate on the SAT test now. I think I got my needed score on the last test. I just have not gotten back in the results, but I feel good about it."

When will you be eligible to transfer to a D1 program? "It will be in the summer because I am a true senior, not a post grad, so I have to receive my diploma from Hargrave."

How is your senior season going? "The season went good. It was crazy playing with all of these All-Americans. They came from all over the country. We finished 8-3, and I rushed for over 1, 300 yards and 12 TD's. I was not use to rotating when I got here, but we had a bunch of great backs here. They had to let us all develop. Mike Ford (RB) is committed to Alabama and Marvin Green (RB) is committed to Maryland. We rotated series'. That was really tough at first, but after a while, we all got use to it."

How hard was that transition? "It did not really hit me until the games started. At practice, it was not a big deal. But when it came to game time, it was a little weird. I know that when I get to college, we are going to have to have two great backs to be successful, so it is no big deal."

How does it feel to become Hargrave's first back to rush for over a 1,000 yards? "It was a great feeling, but I just ran. All my credit goes to my offensive line, fullback, and tight end. They made it easy for me. In high school, I ran behind a great line, but these guys here are all like 6' 6", 330 pounders. I mean, we have John Jerry that is committed to Ole Miss and another lineman that is committed to Tennessee. Our fullback, Cedric, is 6' 3", 235 pounds. He blocks like an offensive lineman. I think I did develop as a player here, but the players who blocked for me deserve all of the credit."

What are your strengths at tailback? "I think running between the tackles. My sophomore year, I could have done it if I wanted to, but as I got older, I became good at it. That is what the colleges like. They like how I can break tackles and get yards after contact. I also think my speed allows me to get to the corner. My hands are also very good."

What is your current size and speed? "Well, I was measured at 6' 0", 215 at Ole Miss while I was on my visit. The fastest 40 time I have run is a 4.38 at the LSU combine last summer. I usually run it in the low 4.4's to the high 4.3's."

You took an official visit to Ole Miss this past weekend? "Yes sir. It was great, excellent. The facilities are state of the art, but the coaches were the best thing. My mom loved their coaches. They made us feel so homy. They have three coaches from Louisiana, so they know where I am coming from. Coach Frank Wilson is from New Orleans and Coach Orgeron is also from around there. They are great guys. My Ole Miss visit went real well. I enjoyed my visit."

Who else accompanied you on your trip? "My mother and sister came with me."

Was this your first trip to Ole Miss? "Well no, it was my second visit. I attended the Nike camp at Ole Miss this past Spring."

Who was your host? "It was Tyson Andrus. He is my best friend from back home. We played ball together at N' Side. He plays cornerback for them now."

Do John Jerry and Jerrell Powe have any influence with you? "I mean those are my boys, but I am not going to attend a school just because they are there. I told my best friend last year (Tyson Andrus) that I have to make the best decision for me. John and Powe understand that. They never try to put any pressure on me. They just kind of give me hints about how great it is over there."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip? "I had never studied up on their academic programs before I came on my visit. I did not know that they take their academics as serious as they do. They provide you help for everything you need. It does not matter if it is a laptop, or a tutor, or a teacher just wanting to help you learn. They are going to make sure you get your degree. They are very serious about their student athletes getting their diploma."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss during your trip? "I told everybody when I got back here how their coaches made me feel at home and embrace you. Coach Orgeron never asked me to commit. He was more focused on my education and getting to know my family. That really impressed us. He just made us feel so at home."

Do you feel like you fit in with the Ole Miss players and coaches? "Yea, without a doubt. We did not go out, like a big party, or anything like that. Instead, I went to Tyson's dorm room and watched tape from our season last year. Some of the players came in there with us. They are real close. I like that family atmosphere over there. Yea, I feel like I fit in very well at Ole Miss."

Was the visit more or less than what you were expecting before you went on your trip? "I was not sure how loud their stadium was going to be, but their fans are crazy there. It caught me off guard how dedicated and how much they love their football over there."

Where does Ole Miss now stand in your pecking order? "Everyone always asks me to give them my Top 5. Ole Miss is definitely in there. They are high up, but I have not taken anymore visits yet. After I get through with all of my visits, I will know for sure."

Who are the schools in your Top 5? "LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Florida, and probably, I would say Michigan. There could be a few others that I might visit. I have not set up any dates yet, so I am still wide open to who I will and will not visit."

You stated to our network this summer that you were leaning towards LSU; are you still leaning that way? "I mean, of course LSU is in my Top 5. I grew up like 45 minutes from there. I always have had a love for LSU. Right now, I am still sort of leaning there because I love LSU football. But at the same time, I am probably more open after seeing Ole Miss than I have ever been."

Coach Ryan Sulkowski (RB coach at Hargrave) comments

"Keiland finished up with 160 carries for 1314 yards and 12 Td's He is the only known 1000 yard rusher that our PG team has ever had."

"Keiland is such a powerful runner. His balance and ability to absorb and deliver hits beyond the line of scrimmage is what makes him so great." Out of his total rushing yards Keiland had almost half after first contact."

"Keiland is not only a great football player, but a well rounded human being. His personality is his biggest asset. He is a kid that you build a program around." "Coach Prunty (Hargrave head coach) and I both agreed that Keiland has the tools to be a Heisman candidate one day and with some fine tuning and experience, will probably play on Sundays."

To see Keiland on film, click here.

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