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What could the Ole Miss players say after getting beat 40-7 on their home turf to visiting LSU? Not much. Just tip their hats to the Tigers and talk about getting ready for Mississippi State.

The following are player quotes after the 40-7 loss to LSU Saturday night in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

QB Micheal Spurlock: (On replacing the injured Ethan Flatt) Anytime you get thrown into the fire, you have to be ready. I wish it had been a closer game rather than clean-up duty, but it was Senior Night and it was a good feeling to go out there and be with the guys one more time. (On LSU) We are trying to get to where they are now. They are a model of what you want to be from an athletic standpoint. They are a very good team, but we don't fear them. We wanted to beat them and get some bragging rights for our players who are from Louisiana, but they were the better team tonight. (On the offense when he went in) We were just looking to get anything going. We wanted to execute and get some four and five yard gains - anything to get us going, but it was too little, too late.

OG Andrew Wicker: (On LSU) They are one of the top four or five teams in the country, if not higher. If they hadn't blown that big lead to Tennessee earlier in the year, they would be in the hunt for another national title. I give them credit. They beat us in every aspect of the game - defense, offense and special teams. They had a short field all night. It's hard to play that way against an average team. Against an LSU, it's a death sentence. We could get no momentum. We thought going in that we could run sideline-to-sideline and spread them out horizontally, but it didn't work. They were just good - everything they did was right and everything we did was wrong. I'm from Louisiana and will have a pain in my stomach until we beat them next year, but in the meantime all I can say is they are better than us. (On center exchange problems with Ethan Flatt) They just knocked us back into Ethan. Plain and simple. (On getting ready for MSU) The great thing about football, or athletics in general, is that you always live to play another day. We are competitors. We will be ready to play. We have to hate them. That's our rivalry. We have had the Egg for three years and we are not about to give it back. I've never lost to them and don't plan on losing to them in my career. It's a recruiting tool to beat them as well. We will come out on fire and will get it done.

SS Charles Clark: (On the Tiger offense) They are very good on offense and were ready to play. They made some plays on us that we haven't been giving up. We haven't been giving up long plays this year, but we gave up some tonight. We also had a short field most of the night. That's tough time after time. Couple that with a couple of big plays we gave up and that spells disaster. (On his interception) We were in a cover two and I saw Trumaine McBride over the top in good position. He knocked the ball away from the receiver right to me. I was fortunate enough to catch it in our end zone. (On losing control of the game) When they hit the first big pass, we were reeling a little and it kind of snowballed.

OT Tre' Stallings: (On the LSU DL) They played as a team and worked on us pretty good. They were very good up front. They basically controlled the game from start to finish. My hat is off to them tonight. (On facing MSU) We have to minimize our mistakes. We made too many mistakes tonight to be in the game with LSU and State is not going to lay down for us. We will have to concentrate on playing sound football, something we didn't do tonight at all. Fumbled snaps, missed assignments, those are things we can control, but didn't tonight. We will be ready for MSU. This is our bowl game. We will concentrate and focus and get it done. (On poor field positions) We started out deep in our territory too many times tonight. We couldn't get anything going. Our backs seemed to be against the wall on every possession. Their good field position allowed them to control the flow of the game from the start.

OT Bobby Harris: (On the Egg Bowl) This is a rivalry game. I even knew about the Egg Bowl as a middle school kid. I watched it one time when there was a big fight before the game. This is pure hatred. This is something we will focus on and make sure they get our best shot. No matter the records in this one, it's always a good game. They will come after us and we will go after them. They will have the advantage of a home field, but we will go in there and play our best game. (On the short field versus LSU) We did not do a good job of flipping the field position. All we needed to do was get a few first downs and flip the field, but we couldn't even do that. We had pressure on us all night with our backs to the wall. You can't do that against anybody. If we do that against MSU it will be a long night. (On the LSU front) They were the best front seven we have played against. Both their DTs will go in the first or second round of the NFL draft. They are best we have seen this year.

QB Ethan Flatt: (On LSU's defense) Speed. They've got it. We couldn't do anything with them from that standpoint. We thought we could spread them out, but they were too fast. We couldn't find much that worked. (On his injury) I got hit in the head in the third quarter. I was dizzy and stayed dizzy the rest of the game. The trainers weren't going to let me go back in like that. The trainers said I have a mild concussion. I feel OK now and think I'll be ready for next week, but I was real dizzy after it happened. (On MSU) It's always a fierce game. We will have to get ready for it and play better than we have been playing. It's a rivalry so I don't think we will have any problem getting up for it. Both teams are going to want to win this game real badly, so it should add to the intensity of the game.

MLB Patrick Willis: (On the LSU game) It was one of those games. We knew it would be tough, but we didn't think we would let it get out of hand like this. We didn't come to play the way we should have. We didn't give ourselves a chance from the start. (On giving up big plays) We haven't been doing that. Not giving up big plays has been part of our success. To do it against LSU makes it worse because they will jump on those opportunties and bury you, like they did us tonight. (On his 15 tackles) I just tried to do my part, but it wasn't enough. (On LSU's offensive balance) They are the most balanced team we have faced. They can hurt you running and passing at any time and they mix things up well to keep you off balance. We did OK against the run, but after they got us on a couple of passes, that kind of got us on our heels and we gave up a few runs. You respect their run and they play-action and just throw it up for those big receivers to go get the ball. (On getting ready for MSU) We will put the LSU game behind us and be ready for our home state rivalry. We don't have school next week so we can just concentrate on football and beating them. It doesn't matter that both teams are struggling. Records mean little in this matchup. Anyone can get on fire at any time. We will have to play from the get-go.

OG Michael Oher: (On LSU's DL) It was a great experience to play against one of the best. That's where we are trying to get and to find out where you stand against them is a good thing. We know we have to get to work and catch up. We'll get there with a few more great players in here. They were the best front we have played. They were unstoppable tonight. (On the Egg Bowl) I understand the rivalry. We can't lose to them. We will have to come out fighting. I believe we will.

WR Taye Biddle: (On the game) We came out hyped up because it was senior night, but it just didn't pan out for us. They just outplayed us, but I can honestly say we never gave up. We kept getting knocked down and getting back up for more. LSU is fast, big and strong on defense. And they played well.

LEO Corvelli Haynes: (On the game) We just got outplayed. I didn't think they just ran over us in a physical sense, but they beat us pretty handily. I don't feel beat up, but I feel defeated. It's disappointing to lose our last home game as a senior, but we will deal with it and move on for MSU. We will let it go. We got whipped and there is nothing we can do about the LSU game, but we can do something about next Saturday. That is something in our control. (On the Egg Bowl) I got hurt last year and had to sit out against MSU. I signed with MSU out of high school and really wanted to play against them. Now, I will get my chance. I will go all out for my last game. We all will.

WR Mario Hill: (On the game) It was rough. We couldn't get anything going up front. We couldn't get in a rhythm. It's been very frustrating this year and especially tonight. We will have to work on putting this one behind us and getting ready for the Egg Bowl. If you can't get fired up for this one, you aren't much of a competitor or a man. (On his late injury) I pulled my hamstring. I hope I'm OK for the Egg Bowl.

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