Nick Stephens talks about his future at OM

Nick Stephens (QB, Flowers Mound, TX) -'s #11 nationally rated QB prospect took an official visit with the University of Mississippi this weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Nick Stephens:

How did your visit go this weekend? "It went real good. Even though they did not come out on top, it was a fun couple of days. We will get it together when I get down there. But the Grove was awesome. I am really anxious to get down there."

Did anyone accompany you on your trip? "Yea, my parents drove down there with me. They loved Ole Miss too. They are glad I am going there."

Was this the first time your family has seen Ole Miss? "No, we came down this summer too. But, we had never been to Ole Miss when it is packed like that. It is a lot of fun."

Who was your host over the weekend? "Reid Neely. He is a great guy. He showed us around and introduced us to so many people. He was just really laid back and answered a lot of my questions. Reid was a great host."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip? "I really do not have an answer to that question. Everything was covered before I went down there. Their staff has done a great job of keeping me informed about their program. Everything was pretty much as they said. This trip was all about the experience."

And talk about your experience. "Just being able to walk through the Grove with all of those people there. In the summer, it was nothing like that. Going to the square with it being packed. Going to the Grove with it being packed. Going to the game with it being packed. It was a great experience."

What stood out the most? "Walking through the Grove and watching the team come by. That stood out the most."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "It was good. He talked with me and my parents. We went over some things. It went well."

What did you go over? "He just talked about what is going to happen when I get down there. It was not that long. He just told me what to expect."

Did you two talk about the rumors concerning Coach Mazzone? "Not that much. Well, we did, but I do not want to comment."

Are you still going to sign with Ole Miss if Coach Mazzone is not at Ole Miss next year? "Yea, I am still committed no matter what."

Did this visit solidify your decision that Ole Miss is the best school for you? "Yes it did. I think it definitely did. I have had my mind made up for a while now though."

Did you get a chance to talk to some of the other recruits? "Yea, there were maybe three other guys with me. A couple said they were real close to committing. I got a chance to talk with (LB) Jonathan Cornell for a while this weekend. I asked him what he was going to do. He told me that it looked really good for Ole Miss, but that he was going to wait until signing day to announce his decision."

Did you get a chance to see Richard Dickson? "No, I did not see him. I did not even know he was there."

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