L.T. Walker talks about official at Ole Miss

L.T. Walker (DT, Wynne, AR) - Scout.com's #32 nationally rated defensive tackle took an official visit to the University of Mississippi this past weekend.What were L.T. thought's?

I took a visit to Ole Miss this weekend. I came in early Saturday morning. My host was Michael Oher. I got to watch the team walk through the grove. That was great. I have never experienced anything like that before", commented L.T. Walker.

How did the game experience go?

"I enjoyed the game, the fans were really into it. I got to go on the field before the game while the team was warming up, and then after the game I went to the locker room and hung out with the team."

What did L.T. do after the game?

"After we went to the locker room, Michael and I went to dinner. We then went to a movie named "get rich or die trying."

Sunday is usually a day where the prospects meet with their position coach and then they meet with the school's head coach. What were L.T.'s impression's?

"Sunday morning after breakfast I met with my position coach, and we talked about what kind of drills they do during practice. We also talked about defensive sets for the opposing teams. After that we went to Coach Orgeron's house and hung out with the other recruits. Coach "O" talked to me about being a better player. We also talked about early playing time."

Where does L.T. visit next?

"Right now I have a visit set up to Louisville on December 16th. I also have a visit set up to Tennessee on January 29th and also to South Carolina on January 13th."

Where does Ole Miss now stand with L.T.?

"My Top 4 is no particular order is Ole Miss, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisville. By the way I didn't commit on my visit, but I can really see myself playing for them. It will be hard to top this visit."

Wynn faces Daniel Stegall's team, Greenwood High, this Friday in the State Semifinalist.

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