Stats and Quotes from Fall Baseball

Fall baseball wrapped up in October, but the Rebels are now in offseason conditioning and workouts, which they will also resume when they return from the holiday break in January. Preseason practice will begin in mid-to-late January. Opening weekend is Feb. 17-19 against Saint Louis University in Oxford.

The following are stats and also comments from some of the Ole Miss Rebel baseball players on the recent fall baseball practice.

6-5, 230, sophomore OF/RHP Jon-Jon Hancock on the pitchers: "Our pitching started out a little slowly, and we had a lot of young guys. But our veterans stood up and showed what they are supposed to do, guys like Tommy (Baumgardner), Stoney (Stone), Will (Kline). They did a good job as the fall went on. The older guys really showed the younger guys what to do. There's so much young talent like Satterwhite and Lynn. They came along real well."

Hancock on the Rebel hitters: "Our hitting is going to be good. Everybody is working hard on and off the field. I think we came out of the fall in pretty good shape."

Hancock on where he is projected to play in the spring and on his hitting this fall: "I will be at one of the corners in the outfield and pitching here and there. I didn't have quite the fall offensively I wanted to. I saw the ball better this fall. Last year I had a lot of trouble with curve balls and offspeed. I think I've developed a better understanding of what I need to swing at and what not to. I worked on my defense in the outfield. I tried to read balls better and work on where to throw it."


6-3, 210, sophomore catcher Alex Kliman, winner of both fall awards - the Keshel Cup (statistical award) and the Jordan Award (most times on winning team award) - on his fall: "The fall went real well for me. I just got a good start early and kept it up. I put some hard work in and it's paid off. Hopefully it will carry over into the spring season. I want to continue to develop a more consistent swing and have more power production. We have a bunch of talented guys out here. The hitters did real well this fall."

Kliman on winning the fall awards for both statistical production and being on the winning team more than any other player: "It's an important thing to win them because it means I had a good fall. Previous winners have gone on to play pro baseball. So I take it as a good thing that I won it. Hopefully it will help my team this year and my future."


6-1, 180, sophomore shortstop Zack Cozart on the fall: "Overall I thought it was a good fall for me. I thought I played a lot better than I did last fall. I came in with higher expectations. I'm still competing for a spot out there, and you have to work for it. As a team I thought our hitters were exceptional. We have a great hitting team. Our pitchers came in at the end (of the fall) and threw more strikes. If they can get ahead of the hitters, they'll be allright."

Cozart on what he focused on in the fall: "I wanted to improve in every area - hitting, defense, speed. I continued to work defensively and stay consistent, and I wanted to improve my batting average. I did that. I worked on my speed training and that has helped."

Cozart on his evaluation of the team for spring 2006: "We might not be the power hitting team we were last year. But we'll be a team that gets a lot of doubles and a lot of singles and gets a lot of runners on base. That's what you have to have to win. Our pitchers really stepped up at the end as well, and I know they will be fine."

Cozart on working with a new second baseman in Justin Henry after the departure of former second baseman Cooper Osteen: "I thought Justin Henry did great. I like working with him up the middle. He's like Cooper on defense. He can really hit as well. We also worked a lot of different guys at first base. I'm really impressed with Justin at second base.


6-4, 195, freshman RHP Cody Satterwhite on his first fall practice at Ole Miss: "It went by fast. First I had to get adjusted to the type of hitting at this level. By then I felt like I was throwing it well."

Satterwhite on the pitching staff's progress this fall: "We've got a bunch of new pitchers. It took a while for everybody to get adjusted to the hitters. As the days go by, you continue to adjust and hit your spots. Then you feel more comfortable. I think we all did that."

Satterwhite on what he worked on most this fall: "Throwing the ball low instead of just throwing it by people. Hitting spots and working on different pitches. Setting up hitters more. I worked on a changeup this fall. It's coming around. I had a fast ball and a slider. I didn't have a changeup when I got here, so I wanted to develop one."

Satterwhite on his overall evaluation of fall ball: "The fall helped us a lot with our confidence and getting everybody adjusted to everything. It's been fun and interesting having a bunch of new guys. We're all out there throwing and trying to prove ourselves. That makes it exciting."


6-5, 260, freshman RHP Lance Lynn on the fall: "It went by real quick. When it first started it seemed like it would be a long time. But surprisingly it went by fast. It went well for me and I got better. My velocity started to pick up. I'm getting used to the workouts. All in all, it was a good fall for me."

Lynn on facing a strong Ole Miss lineup of hitters: "It was a real challenge. Throwing to guys like the hitters we have on this team, it's a real jump from high school pitching. But it was good for me. It challenged me more and made me work hard to get better with all my pitches."

Lynn on the fact that with so many new guys on the team that it took a while for them to all mesh: "We had a lot of new guys, and you could tell later in the fall that everyone was getting in their comfort zone. Everybody began to feel they belong here. Everybody started throwing well."

Lynn on getting into better condition: "I've lost a lot of fat but dropped just a little weight. But I've just gotten more toned up and in much better shape since I've been here. I feel a lot better."

Lynn on what he focused on in the fall as far as pitches: "I worked on my splitty this fall so I have three pitches now. Toward the end I was able to do that. I have three pitches I can go to now – fast ball, curve ball, and splitty. Now I want to work on the changeup so I can have four pitches I can use. Getting in shape and throwing the ball well were important to me. I threw the ball better at the end of fall. I can't wait to see what I do this winter working out. I'm already ready to get back out there and see what I can do in the best shape of my life.

Final fall statistics from intrasquad games:


Chris Coghlan .467-0-11

Zach Miller .438-1-4

Alex Kliman .375-4-13

Zack Cozart .356-1-6

Luke Barthel .355-0-3

Cody Overbeck .333-0-7

Brett Bukvich .333-0-6

Miles Cabeceiras .308-1-6

C.J. Ketchum .302-1-8

Kyle Mills .293-0-11

Devin Hicks .290-3-9

Peyton Farr .282-1-8

Mark Wright .277-3-8

Alex Presley .273-2-6

Brett Basham .268-1-5

Jon-Jon Hancock .256-0-6

Justin Henry .229-0-1

Evan Button .209-0-4

Justin Brashear .200-1-6

Cullan Kight .167-2-4

Ryan White .111-0-1

.296 Team Average


RHP Nick Hetland 0-0, 0.00, 10 K

LHP Tommy Baumgardner 2-1, 1.93, 6 K

RHP Walker Sudduth 1-0, 2.08, 5 K, 1 Save

LHP Brett Bukvich 1-2, 2.08, 17 K

RHP Wade Broyles 3-0, 3.14, 13 K

LHP Garrett White 0-1, 3.68, 13 K

RHP Stoney Stone 1-1, 4.20, 17 K, 1 Save

RHP Cody Satterwhite 1-0, 4.50, 8 K, 1 Save

RHP Jon-Jon Hancock 0-2, 5.25, 8 K

RHP Rory McKean 0-0, 6.35, 10 K

RHP Will Kline 1-0, 7.82, 9 K, 1 Save

RHP Lance Lynn 0-1, 7.84, 10 K

RHP Chase Ware 0-1, 9.00, 5 K, 1 Save

RHP Thomas Flautt 0-1, 11.57, 8 K

RHP Bradley Lum 0-2, 11.68, 7 K

LHP Craig Rodriguez 1-0, 12.19, 9 K

Team ERA 5.44

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