Jerrell Powe looks to make impact at OM

Jerrell Powe (DT, Hargrave, VA) - Coach Orgeron made his first national recruiting impact as a head coach at Ole Miss when he received a commitment from Army All-American Jerrell Powe. Powe is currently attending classes and playing football for Hargrave Military Academy. He graduates on May 27th and will enroll at Ole Miss in June.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jerrell Powe:

Talk about the life long lessons you have learned at Hargrave? "Oh man, I just learned to be more disciplined and to appreciate things that I use to take for granted. But the biggest thing I learned is to take care of my business the first time. You have to be on top of your grades from day one. You can not try to play catch up like I did in high school. When I get to Ole Miss, I will always remember that. In high school, I thought I was smart enough to study at the last moment. To do my homework at the last moment. Not now. I stay on top of things."

When are you set to graduate from Hargrave? "May 27th. I do not know the exact date I will get to Ole Miss, but it will probably be the week after I graduate. I know classes start at some point in June. I just can not wait to report to Ole Miss."

Talk about the transition from playing high school to prep football. "I think it was a good experience. I think I needed that. You want to sample things before you try it. I sampled what playing against D1 caliber of players is all about. Now I feel like I am ready. I thought it was a great experience to be truthful. And playing with and against players from the East and West Coast were also something I needed. I wanted to see how I matched up against players from over the country, not just the South. I learned a lot. As a team, we finished 8-3. We had a good season, although we lost two games by one point and got cheated against Navy. But that is OK, we gave it our all."

Do you have your stats from the season? "No, I do not have them. We are suppose to have our banquet when we get back from the Holidays. They will give them to us at the banquet."

No awards have been given? "Not yet, no sr."

Were you suppose to attend the Ole Miss/LSU this past weekend? "Yea, but I did not have a ride. I had to leave a day from school because of a class. I got down to Waynesboro late Friday afternoon. I was suppose to ride with a friend of mine to the game, but because I got there so late, he had already taken off to Oxford. I was pretty upset, but hey, I will be up there everyday in a matter of months, so."

Have you had a chance to recruit some of your Hargrave teammates?"Oh, have I ever been trying (laugh). Man, me and John work on everybody up there. I think I might have Callahan Bright (6' 2", 320 DT out of PA). He really might be coming with me. Callahan is from Pennsylvania. He was like the #2 DT in the country last year. I think he is going to come on an (official) visit with me and John in January. I have been talking to Keiland Williams (RB) a lot too. I do not know. It does not look as good with him as Callahan, but you never know."

What date will you take your official with Ole Miss? "I do not know yet. We are talking about either the second or third weekend in January."

What are you weighing these days? "Man, I had gotten up there when I reported. I was like 360. Man, I was out of shape. I was just so depressed that I was not going to be at Ole Miss, and I just got really out of shape last summer. But I have worked hard to eat right this fall. I have lost about 30 pounds. I am back down to 330 right now."

Do you still have other colleges trying to recruit you? " My coaches tell me schools call all of the time, but I tell my coaches to tell them to not even bother. Up here, they do not allow you to have a personal phone, so it kind of makes it better on us. We do not get hounded like we did in high school. That is why they do not let us to have phones. We are up here to learn, and we do not need to be distracted with all of those calls."

Have you had a chance to watch any of the Ole Miss games this year? "Yea, I watched the Memphis, Alabama, and LSU games."

What were your thoughts? "I think we are playing hard on defense. Our offense needs a little help (laugh), but I like how we play defense."

Do you feel like you can come in and make an impact next season? "I will put it this way, if I am not on the All-SEC team next year, I will be very surprised. I do not mean that to sound cocky, but I just have a lot of confidence in my ability. Now that I have some discipline too, there is nothing stopping me."

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