Jonathan Cornell moves Rebels into Top 3

Jonathan Cornell (LB, La Puente, CA) -'s #23 nationally rated linebacker took an official visit to the University of Mississippi this past weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jonathan Cornell:

Talk about your season. "We are out of the playoffs. We finished 6-4."

What were your stats for the year? "I had around 100 tackles, 8 TD's, and I do not know how many receiving yards I had."

Did you play receiver on offense? "No, I played the slot position."

Did you make it in for your Ole Miss official visit? "Yes sir. I loved it down there. Everyone was very hospitable. I have never ate that much (laugh). Their coaches are great. I also like their defensive scheme."

Now that you have visited West Coast colleges and a Southern college; what are the differences? "It is a lot different. Everybody is nicer down there than they are over here, but it is also a lot colder. It was like 32 degrees at the game. The style of offense is a lot different in the SEC. It is more run oriented than it is over here. They just ran the ball a lot more. It looks like Ole Miss has a strong academic program, so there is not much difference education wise."

Who was your host for the weekend? "Patrick Willis. He was a great guy. He told me how it is, not just what I wanted to hear. He kept it real with me, and I really respected that."

Was everybody else real with you? "Yea, they really were. Like Coach Neilson, he told me he had to make some adjustments going down to the South, but all in all, he was happy."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip? "I learned that they have a lot of tradition. That is one thing I really like about schools, tradition, like (U)SC. I just did not know that Ole Miss was that serious about their football. I saw their indoor complex and I was like where in the world did that come from. It just blew me away. I have never seen a college with facilities like theirs."

Was Ole Miss more, less, or about what you were expecting it to be? "It was absolutely more than what I was expecting. I had a preconceived idea about the South, and it was nothing like that at all. I am glad I got a chance to see how it really is down there. I also love how they play defense at Ole Miss. Even though they got blown out, their defense played hard and they have a great scheme. I thought their defense played great for having such a short field. But it was the people down there that really surprised me. They proved me wrong."

When you think back on your visit; what stood out the most? "Just how comfortable I felt down there."

Talk about the Ole Miss staff. "Coach Orgeron is great. I can see why people say he is a master recruiter. I have never been around a coach with that much energy. He is a trip. Coach O loves his football. Coach Slocum was also great. He told me that he coached two former Butkus award winners in Dat Nguyen and Chris Claiborne. Patrick Willis is probably going to win it this year, so he wants me to be his fourth Butkus award winner. That really intrigues me."

What was discussed between you and Coach Orgeron during your one on one meeting? "He wanted to know what it would take to get me out of California. He also wanted to know how seriously I was considering them, which I am."

So what is it going to take to get your out of California? "I do not know. It is really between three schools. It would not take as much to get out of California as it would to keep me in. I am just taking visits and comparing schools. I am not looking at the out of state part. I just want to go to the best school for me."

Where does Ole Miss now stand? "They are in my Top 3 with USC and UCLA."

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