Josh Davis takes in Ole Miss game

Josh Davis (OT, Tylertown, MS) - Ole Miss commitment, Josh Davis, has been "keeping his options open" for quite some time now.Did Josh's unofficial visit to Ole Miss change things?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Josh Davis:

How did your season go? "We are at home now. We lost to Velma Jackson in the 1st round. We finished 5 - 4."

Did you keep up with your pancakes? "No sir. I did not, but I know I had a bunch of them (laugh)."

How did your unofficial visit to Ole Miss go? "As I expected. It went good. It was just cold. That is all."

Did anyone accompany you? "Two of my teammates came, Justin Lewis and Tony Magee."

Was this your first Ole Miss game to attend? "Yes sir."

What did you think? "I guess you can say I was excited. I did not know that many people would be there. The energy from the Grove when the players were walking through was exciting. I have never been around anything like that before. I did not know there would be that many people at the game or tailgating."

Did you eye ball Ole Miss' offensive line? "I sure did, yes sir."

Do you think you could play next year at Ole Miss? "Really, I do, yes sir. I feel like I can give them some help next year."

Did you get a chance to talk to their coaches? "Yea, I talked to them before the game. They just said they could not wait to get me in for my official visit."

And when is your official visit to Ole Miss? "December 3rd."

Do you have anymore officials lined up? "No sir, nothing solid."

Are you in talks with other schools about taking an official? "Alabama and Georgia."

Are you still committed to Ole Miss? "Yes sir, but I am still keeping my options open."

What are your worries with Ole Miss? "Well, I want to go to a bowl game and have a chance to win a national championship in college. It seems to me they are rebuilding at Ole Miss. I know it is hard with a new coaching staff. They have to bring in their players. I know that, but I want to win. That has a lot to do with me still keeping my options open."

Do you think Coach Orgeron can turn things around quick enough for you to achieve these goals? "It can be done, yes sir."

Where you surprised that Ole Miss was not as competitive for the LSU game as they have been for the rest of their games? "Well, yea. I watched them play Alabama and they should have won. I was expecting LSU to win, but I thought it would be closer because of Ole Miss' defense. But then everything went wrong for them. The game just kind of snowballed."

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the other recruits who were at the game? "Yes, I hung out with John Jerry and his South Panola boys, Chris Strong and Jeremy Griffin (both Chris and Jeremy are juniors). John said we could come in next year and help the team out. He said in his own words that we were better than anything they got right now."

Are you keeping up with Ole Miss' recruiting class? "Yea, I check your board every now and then. The coaches keep me up to date too. I want to see if Ole Miss can bring in a class that can turn things around and turn it around in a hurry. If they can do that, I will feel much more comfortable with my decision."

Josh carries a 3.5 GPA / 25 ACT.

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