Will Michael Herrick arrive to OM in January?

Michael Herrick (QB, Valencia, CA) - Michael broke the California State record for career passing yards (10, 300) on Friday and then few into Oxford on Saturday morning for his official visit.

We were able to have in-depth conversation with Michael's father, Greg Herrick.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Greg Herrick:

Were you able to go to Ole Miss with Michael Herrick for his official visit? "I coach basketball, and we had a game on that day, so I could not make it. My wife did not want to go without me, so she did not go either. Michael's older brother, Robert, is a senior at the Naval Academy. It was a good opportunity for Robert and Michael to be together. Of course, Ole Miss could not pay for Robert's trip, so we chipped in to make it doable. They had an absolute blast. Robert said he felt Michael was in the right place, so it just confirmed our decision that he made the right choice."

Has your family heard about the Mazzone rumors? "Michael said when he met with Coach Orgeron Sunday privately, coach told him there would be some changes on the offensive side of the ball. We assumed that one of those changes was going to be Coach Mazzone. Coach Orgeron never gave him any names, but we have heard and read about the rumors. As a family we are concerned with who will be coaching him next year, but the names we have heard thrown around, we feel very comfortable with. Steve Sarkisian from USC and Michael have actually worked together before. Michael loves Coach Sarkisian so that would be a great fit. We have heard some talk about Norm Chow. Now that would be great, but I do not know how they are going to get him out of Tennessee. He has a big contact with them. All of the rumors we hear are attractive for us and we approve. Although Ryan Neilson did most of the recruiting for Ole Miss, he really liked Coach Mazzone a lot and was looking forward to learning under him. But this is a tough business, and we understand that. In today's era, you simply are not going to have the same coaches around you year in and year out. We know Coach Orgeron wants to hire someone he has a history with or someone who really knows the (U)SC offense. We feel comfortable that Coach O will make the right hire."

Does Michael have any chance to graduate in December? "It is funny you asked about that. Coach Neilson is coming to talk to our academic councilor to see if we can get this thing worked out. There is a possibility we are going to get Michael into Ole Miss where he can go through Spring practice. From what I understand, they might not even have a QB for Spring drills, so this would be a great opportunity for him. He needs a Government and an English class to graduate in December. We are just going to have to see if maybe he can go to another school to graduate or do it through an intercession or correspondence course. We are going to look at all of our options. Michael is just a 17 year old kid who is 6' 2" and only a 165 pounds. The boy started school a year early, so he is already a year younger than everybody else in his grade. He needs to gain some weight, and if he needs to, he can take a redshirt year. But I think as soon as he gets around that good Southern cooking, they will put some weight on him in a hurry (laugh). Michael has also been selected to play in the CA/FL all-star classic on December 31st. That is probably the most prestigious high school all-star game in the country behind the Army All-American bowl. Miahael was also selected for the Shrine Bowl that is played on June 20th. That matches the public versus the private schools. And then there is the North/South Game. I doubt he will play in that one because he will already be at Ole Miss. You also have to take into consideration that he might just want to graduate with his classmates at his school, but like I told him, you will always keep the memories in your heart. You do not have to have that school's diploma in your hands. They can not take away your memories."

How does Michael feel to have broken the California state passing record? "Relieved (laugh). I think he is 19th on the all-time list nationally. He has a chance to move up to 17th next game. I think I am more impressed with this than the state record. The irony of this is that he did it on a big stage. He broke the record on the last play of the game, and the guy had to break a tackle to get it. The athletic director dragged me out on the field, and he presented the ball to me. I told him how proud me and his mother were, and he told me thanks, but he needed to get back with his teammates. That is what kind of guy he is. Michael does not care about all of those records. Those are just for US old folks(laugh). He just wants to win the state championship. But this was a huge burden that has been lifted off of his shoulders. The local paper had a Michael Herrick watch, WITH how many yards he had and how many he needed to break the record. It ran every week. It was just a lot of pressure on him."

People ask me why Michael is not being recruited any harder; what are your thoughts? "I get asked that all of the time too. He has been recruited by everyone in the PAC 10. Southern California was not interested because they are back heavy, and they want to sign Jimmy Clauson next year. UCLA has 3 freshmen QB's, so they did not have room. I have been on the phone with Oregon a lot the past month. I wish they would have shown more interest earlier, but it is simply too late now. Washington has been asking if we would be interested. I just got off the phone with Coach Willingham last week. Most of the schools are simply just honoring his commitment. As a coach, I am not sure I would do that, because you never know what is going to happen. You take Stanford. They want to sign him but he has to improve on his math score with the SAT. They said if he improved on the score, they would take him. But I told him to not even worry about it because he knows where he is going. We think he is ready for the SEC. He can make all of the throws. I heard that Ole Miss was not even throwing the ball deep because they did not have anyone who could throw it long. That is what Michael does best. I think Ole Miss is getting a steal, and Michael thinks Coach Orgeron is the best coach in America. I mean, I think that kid loves Coach Orgeron more than myself (laugh). I can not tell you how crazy he is about Coach Orgeron. But Michael is going to make a great college QB because for one, he wants it, and for two, he has the skills. The only thing he does not have right now is the weight, but like I said earlier, once he gets around that good ole Southern cooking. That will take care of that. When people ask us if we are disappointed that he did not get a lot of offers, we say no, because he got the right offer. Ole Miss meets all of the criterias we were looking for. They have his major. He has a chance to play early. They have great coaches, and they have great tradition. We could not be anymore happier with his decision."

Michael carries a 3.75 GPA and an 1150 SAT test (old format).

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