Brandon Jackson is still up in the air

Brandon Jackson (LB, Memphis, TN) - The last time we spoke to Brandon he stated that the Rebel staff was not in contact with him anymore, but Brandon took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss last Saturday. Has anything changed?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Brandon Jackson:

What were your stats for the season? "I will give you an estimate because I do not know all of them for sure. I had around 95 tackles and 5 sacks. I know for sure that I had 2 forced fumbles and 2 blocked passes. I am not sure how many hurries I had, or how many tackles I had that were behind the line of scrimmage."

Grade your play for the season. "I would give myself a B because I started off slowly. If you watched my tapes from the first few games you would not be that impressed. I was coming off ACL surgery, and I do not think I played that well at the start of the season."

Have you heard from Ole Miss lately? "Yes, I went to the Ole/LSU game. They are now calling me every Monday."

Did anyone accompany you on your trip? "My mom and sister."

How did they like Ole Miss? "They really did not like it because it was too cold. We were not dressed for it. They liked everything else. The weather just kind of gave them a bad impression, but they liked it. When we went down there this summer they really liked it."

Did you get a chance to talk to the Ole Miss staff while you were at the game? "Yea, they just said they were glad to see me down there because this was my first game to come to. They asked me how wrestling was going because I have my first match this weekend."

Did they explain to you why they had not called you in a while? "Yes, they told me since Coach Freeze and I were so close, they just assumed that I would be calling him and keeping up. They said it was just a big misunderstanding."

Were you satisfied with their explanation? "I am getting different views. When I hear from outside sources, I start to wonder. They say they are just jerking my chain. When they told me, I believed them, but I have been thinking about it hard the last few weeks. I went to your message board and said maybe they have a point. I am just confused right now."

Did you tell the staff how you feel? "Yes, I think so. I told Coach Freeze I had no idea what to think right now. I am in a state of confusion. I have been reading things that the Ole Miss fans are saying. Then I hear from the local fans around here. They say the Ole Miss people are full of it. Then I listen to the Ole Miss coaches. They say something totally different. I really do not know what to think right now."

Did the Ole Miss staff tell you that you still have your scholarship offer? "Yea, I still got it. I am still committed, but as I talk to more people, it seems like I am not committed as strong as I first was. This is not because the coaches are not talking to me right now. It is the time frame when they were not calling. It just seems like I grew apart from them during that time."

Have you scheduled your official visits? "I am trying to work them around my wrestling matches. The only one I have set up that I know I am going to go to for sure is Bowling Green on December 2nd. I have scheduled visits to Memphis (12/9) and Ole Miss (12/16), but I might have to reschedule them because I have a match on both weekends. I will probably reschedule them in January."

Which colleges are staying in phone contact with you? "Phone contact, Arkansas State, Vandy, Kentucky, Ohio State, Tennessee, Memphis, Ole Miss, Bowling Green, and Kent State."

Who calls each and every week? "Personally, I get weekly calls from Bowling Green, Memphis, Arkansas State, and Ohio State has been calling me every once in a while. Oh yea, and Ole Miss."

Brandon carries a 2.85 GPA / 20 ACT.

To see Brandon live in action, click here.

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