Lavarus Giles talks about Ole Miss trip

Lavarus Giles (RB, MS Delta CC, MS) - The Rebels lost their running back "for the future" when Ray Brooks product, Lavarus Giles, failed to qualify two years ago.Giles has since bounced in and out of the starting lineup at MS Delta CC. Will Lavarus' struggle the past two seasons hinder his recruitment the second time around?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Lavarus Giles:

How did your season go? "We were 2 - 5. We had two games canceled because of the Hurricane. To be truthful, this season was a nightmare for me personally. It was miserable."

What were your stats for the year? "I do not know. I made the biggest mistake of my life coming down here. I did not even get picked for the MS Juco All-Star game. Here you have a guy 6' 2",. 210 pounds who runs a 4.29 forty and you do not even start him? "They picked a guy over me who runs a 4.5. I never even talked to my coach one time this year. He was crazy. They messed my whole thing up. They abused me."

Did you start your freshman season? "No, I did not start but I played a lot. I was all into it last year. I had around 800 yards rushing and averaged over 10 yards a carry. But this year, with all of that stuff going on. I gave up interest. They are even trying to hurt my recruiting too. I was there for two too many years. I can not believe I came up short with my grades out of high school. I was suppose to have been at Ole Miss these past two years, not this place. Now look at my career, I have to basically start over next year. I am bitter, yea, you would be too."

Did you garner any awards after from your freshman campaign? "Every since I got here, I have gotten no awards. No captain, no certificate, no nothing. Tell me how someone who is 6' 2", 210 and runs a 4.29 and running over people is sitting on the bench? That Wing T is a bunch of bull. Right now, I am just trying to get a good scholarship."

Do you have any offers? "Ole Miss still wants me down there. That is where I am probably going to sign. Coach Woods (Alabama) still calls me every week, but Ole Miss is my only offer. I could have redshirted and still have three years left. That is what I should have told them."

Been to any college games this Fall? "Yea, I went to Ole Miss last weekend. That was my first time to get back over there."

Did anyone accompany you? "Me and my brother (James Giles)."

Did you talk to the Ole Miss coaches? "Yea, I talked to all of them. I know (Mike) Espy from high school. We kicked it. I also know Michael Spurlock real good. We talked, and I spoke with my boy Terrell Jackson. We ran track against each other in high school. He would win one year, and then I would win the next. We have actually stayed in touch while he has been at Ole Miss, and I have been down here. I keep up with a lot of the Ole Miss players. It just makes me want it even more when I talk to them. I have got to get out of here."

What did the Ole Miss coaches say to you? "They told me they want to get me up there, real bad. They said they really do not have any backs. They want to get their offense started up next year, and they know what I can do. If Ole Miss knows what I can do, why do my own coaches not know?"

Have you set up any official visits? "I do not know with this staff. With everything that has gone on around here, I will be lucky to get three visits lined up."

Who is coming after you the hardest? "Ole Miss, really."

Are you leaning towards Ole Miss? "Yea, most definitely. That is where I am probably going to sign."

When are you scheduled to graduate? "I went to summer school so I could get out of here in December, but then they would not transfer my classes, I will not get out of here until May."

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