Reggie Hicks discusses Ole Miss trip

Reggie Hicks (RB, Madison, MS) - Madison Central faces Olive Branch in tonight's marquee match up.

The Jaguars are led by two of the state's top athletes in Reggie Hicks (RB) and Tim Buckley (QB).

Olive Branch is led by their Dandy Dozen trio of Anthony Summers, (QB) Markeith Summers (WR) , and Allen Walker (LB). Victor Thomas (DE) is also a highly sought after prospect.

Who will come out on top? If Reggie Hicks has his way, it will be the Jaguars. Reggie has carved his way for over 1,100 yards rushing in Mississippi's toughest conference. Some believed Reggie might be better suited for fullback on the next level, but Hicks has increased his speed this year and now possesses the total package. He is still a rugged runner, but when he needs to, he can now put it in that extra gear to get around the corner. And as he had from day one, he still has his of soft hands.

Reggie took an unofficial visit to the University of Mississippi last weekend. We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Reggie Hicks:

How did you do in the first round of the playoffs against Starkville? "We beat them 27-10. It was a good game for us."

What were your stats for the game? "I think I had 107 yards rushing on 17 carries."

Which brings your season totals to? "I think 1, 134 yards and 15 TD's."

Have you been on any unofficial visits recently? "I went to Ole Miss on Saturday with a friend of mine and Taboris Fisher."

How did the visit go? "It was fine. It went really well."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss? "I did not really learn anything that I already did not know. It was cold. I know that (laugh)."

Did you get a chance to talk with the Ole Miss coaches? "Yes I did. I talked to Coach Hughes, and he asked me how my mom and dad were doing. Coach Orgeron asked me about the atmosphere. He said wouldn't it be fun to play here. He also asked about my parents."

Do you put a lot of emphasis on how well a team plays while you are scouting them? "I pay attention to it, but I do not let it control everything. But yea, I pay attention to it. I thought Ole Miss would come out harder because of the way they played Alabama, but as some of the fans told me in the stands, them licks hurt a lot more when it is cold. I don't think the Ole Miss players liked playing in the cold, but who does (laugh). It really did not change my mind about Ole Miss or anything. The game happened so fast. It just kind of snow balled on them. I definitely thought there would be a little more fight from Ole Miss though."

Did this visit help, hurt, or keep Ole Miss about the same in your pecking order? "I would say it pretty much stayed the same. It did not hurt anything."

Have you set up your official visits? "No, not yet. I probably will set them up right after I take the ACT test on December 3rd and the SAT on December 9th. I will take my visits after that."

What do you need to make to become eligible? "I am already eligible. I just want to score in the high 20's. I made a 21 on it the first time."

Which colleges never miss a week in calling you? "Ole Miss, Alabama, Missouri, and USM. The schools who have offered me."

When did USM start calling? "They have been calling me since the beginning, but it was just on and off because of the Hurricane. Coach Hopson told me that it has just been so crazy around there. Their schedule has been back and forth."

Riggie carries a 3.7 GPA / 21 ACT.

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