LaDerrick is now firm with OM commitment

LaDerrick "D" Vaughn (LB, Memphis, TN) - The 6' 2", 213 pound athlete from Manassas committed to Ole Miss back in May. But, "D" was giving the party line of, "I am committed, but I am still keeping my options open." Vaughn took in the Ole Miss/LSU game last Saturday. Did this change Vaughn's "soft" status?

The following information was revealed during our interview with LaDerrick Vaughn:

How did your season go? "It was OK. We got put out the Friday before last. I had a bad game, so I am pretty disappointed."

Talk about the season as a whole. "Well, I think we had a good season. I think it is the best season I have personally ever had, but we did not get the job done in the end, so that really is meaningless to me. But, I had never had over a 1, 000 yards rushing in a season. I did that this year. I had 1, 485 yards rushing and 15 TD's and 600 and something yards passing. I probably had around 40 something solo tackles and another 50 something assists. I was the only QB in the City of Memphis to rush for over a 1, 000 yards this year."

What part of your game improved the most? "My footwork. I got better running the ball this year."

Have you set up your visits? "I will probably end up going to Ole Miss on the first weekend in December. They just told me it would probably be the first weekend."

Will you take anymore visits? "I think Ole Miss will probably the only visit I am going to take."

You told us that you were still keeping your options open in the past; have those options been closed? "Yes sir, most definitely. I really like how they are playing defense. They are real aggressive. I like the game day atmosphere and the campus is easy to get around. I am sold on Ole Miss now. They have everything I want."

How many Ole Miss games have you attended this year? "Three. I have gone to the Alabama, Arkansas, and LSU games."

You stated you liked the game day atmosphere; what stood out? "Just how much support their fans give them. The Grove is an experience too. I love all of the food, fans, and watching the team walk through. I just envision myself coming through the crowd, and it gets me all fired up. I look forward to helping them turn things around."

LaDerrick carries a 2.9 GPA / 18 ACT.

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