Cassius is set to visit OM this weekend

Cassius Vaughan (DB, Memphis, TN) - Cassius was recently ranked as's #20 cornerback in the South, but due to Ole Miss' lack of depth at receiver, he could be given a look to go both ways.

Vaughan is scheduled to come in for an official visit to the University of Mississippi this weekend and took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss for the LSU game.

We called to see how his unofficial visit went and to confirm his official visit for this weekend.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Cassius Vaughan:

Are you still alive in the playoffs? "We are out of the playoffs. We lost to Jackson Central Merry 30-14 in the second round of the playoffs."

What were your stats for the game? "I had 8 carries for 102 yards and 6 catches for 92 yards. I also had 3 tackles and 1 interception at cornerback."

What were your stats for the season? "I finished with 3 interceptions and 7 kickoffs and punts for TD's. I do not know the rest of my stats except for the playoffs. I had 160 yards rushing in the first game and a 102 yards rushing in the 2nd round. I also had over 200 yards receiving in those two games."

Talk about your last unofficial visit to Ole Miss. "Well, I went down there with my dad, uncle, and a friend of mine. It was good. I liked it. I always like it down there. The atmosphere would have been better if they would have won, but it was still good."

Learn anything new? "Well, nothing really. Defensive wise, they are a good, but their offense needs to step it up. They could not get past the 20. I guess the offense is coming in with this (recruiting) class. When I do get there, I just hope I can come in and help on offense and defense. I know they are going to lean on a lot of recruits to come in and help. It could be pretty good."

Is that attractive for you; knowing you are going to be counted on in your first year? "Well, it does, just to play early will be real nice. If they recruit me to play defensive back it will be nice. But, they are short at wide receiver, so they might want me there. To be an impact player so early in the SEC would be kind of nice. Like a dream."

How long has Ole Miss been talking to you about playing wide receiver? "As far as recruiting me, they do not know, but Coach Rippon wants me at cornerback (laugh). He said there was no way he was letting me go (laugh). It does not matter to me. I am just ready to get into their system. I do not care where I play. I just want to learn the right techniques to be the best I can be at what ever position they put me in."

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the recruits at the Ole Miss/LSU game? "Yes sir, I talked to Duke Calhoun. He is looking forward to coming down to Ole Miss with me. He thinks it is a good opportunely for him to come in and play early with Espy, Hill, and Biddle leaving. Duke says he can come right in and play. I also saw LaDerrick Vaughn before the game. We talked some. But during the game, he was really into it, so we did not talk much. But he coming (to Ole Miss) too. We will all be there."

Are you still coming on your scheduled official visit to Ole Miss this weekend? "Oh yea. I can not wait. I hear they put on a good show. I am really looking forward to it."

Cassius carries a 2.7 Core GPA and is waiting on the results from his first ACT attempt.

To veiw Cassius live in action, click here.

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