Army All-American set to visit OM on Friday

Al Woods (DT, Elton, LA) - The Army All-American selection has decided to take an official visit to Ole Miss this upcoming weekend.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Al Woods:

How did your season go? "We lost in the 1st round. It was a real heartbreaker. The whole season was messed up because of Hurricane Katrina, but that was for everybody from around here."

What were your stats for the season? "I really could not tell you because they have not given us our stats yet, but they must have been good because I was named the District 5(1A) Player of the Year."

Being selected to the Army All-American bowl; what does this mean to you? "It means a lot. It really does. This is like a dream come true."

Who do you look forward to competing against the most in the Army All-American game? "Andre Smith. He is one of your highest ranked offensive linemen. I like going against the best."

Did you have any inhome visits this week? "Last night Coach Wilson from Ole Miss came by. As a matter of fact, a coach from Oklahoma is sitting right by me right now."

Have you scheduled any official visits? "I go to Ole Miss (12/4) on Friday and LSU the next weekend (12/11). I do not know after that. I will sit down with my parents and see where I go next."

Why Ole Miss? "I just like their staff. I like how they play too. They play hard nosed defense. I just want to go over there Friday to see what kind of relationship the players have with their coaches and just their overall atmosphere."

Did you have a prior relationship with Coach Wilson? "He has called me every Monday since they were first allowed to start calling us."

Are there anymore schools you are still interested in? "Texas, Virginia Tech, and USC. Those might be my three other visits."

How are your grades coming along? "I have a 3.2 GPA, and I am waiting on my latest ACT test."

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