Daverin Geralds is a busy man

Daverin Geralds (OL, Baton Rouge, LA) - Inhome visits started on Monday and Daverin's house has been a pit stop for college recruiters.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Daverin Geralds:

Which colleges have come by to see you this week? "Stanford, Duke, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, and La Tech."

Are you taking an official visit this weekend? "I was suppose to go to Ole Miss, but my mother had something come up and she wanted to go with me. I am rescheduling it. I am going to Duke next weekend and Stanford on January 13th. I am in the middle of setting something up with Georgia Tech right now."

What were Stanford's selling points to you during your inhome visit? "Coach Freeman came by. He was just telling my parents how prestigious it is and what kind of alumni base they have. Coach Freeman explained the quality of a Stanford degree and who else came out of Stanford before me."

And Duke's? "Coach Kelly let me know what kind of program they are trying to build. He wants to sign young men like me so he can get their program to the level they want. He also told me how important a Duke degree means and what kind of opportunity you have with a Duke degree. He was trying to sell the degree factor to my mother."

What did Ole Miss say? "Coach Wilson sold me on their facilities. He told me they have top notch facilities for a D1 program. They also told me about their staff and how well it was put together. Their staff is not only about their coaches, but also their strength coaches and trainers. They have two full time doctors that work for their program, and he told me they were there for me at any time. Coach Wilson let me know about their facilities and new athletic training center, which is real nice."

What did Georgia Tech tell you? "I have not had a chance to sit down and talk to their staff. He has not come down yet. I think they are coming on Monday."

What was said during your inhome visits that stood out the most? "The selling point that stood out the most was Ole Miss' facilities. I already knew what kind of education the other schools provided, but I did not know Ole Miss had those type of facilities. Every sport has its own stadium on campus, so that kind of stood out. As far as education wise, I know what it means."

Daverin carries a 4.6 GPA / 22 ACT.

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