California Juco OL still undecided

Corey Actis (OL, Bakersville CC, MS) - Coach Ryan Neilson from Ole Miss was in Corey's house tonight.How did the visit go?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Corey Actis:

Did you commit during your inhome visit with Ole Miss tonight? "No, we did not talk about that. It was never brought up. That was not an issue. We just talked about school. We hung out, laughed, and told good stories. He was probably over here for around 3 hours."

Were your parents present? "Yes, my parents were with me."

Did you have any issues you needed cleared up and were they cleared? " I did have one concern. I would have to live in the dorm room, and I would like to live in an apartment. That kind of stinks, so."

Is that a big issue for you? "No, it is just something that got brought up."

Where do you visit next? "I go to Syracuse tomorrow"

Do you have anymore visits set up? "No yet, but I am in the middle of setting one up to FSU right now."

Do you feel like you are leaning in any one direction? "Yea, Ole Miss."

What is holding you back from going ahead and making a commitment? "I just want to see what else is out there and compare. I do not want to make an irrational decision."

Corey is a December prospect.

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