Rebs make a move for Dixon's services

Anthony Dixon (RB, Terry, MS) - The South Hot 100 Member took an official visit to the University of Mississippi this weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Anthony Dixon:

Did you make it in for your official visit to Ole Miss? "Yea, It was great. It was better than what I was expecting. I was listening to the stereotypes that people had about Ole Miss, but it was way better than what people were saying."

Did anyone accompany you? ""My mom and dad came with me. They liked it a lot. It was way better than what they thought it was going to be like. My dad liked how everything is within walking distance. I did not get a chance to talk to my mother yet. I was a sleep on the ride home, so we never talked about it, but I know she liked it a lot."

Was the visit better, worse or about what you were expecting? "Way better, much better. Again, I kind of listened to the people who were talking bad about Ole Miss, but I saw that it is not like that at all. I thought I really fit in well up there. There were a lot of every day people like me up there. It was a great trip. The food, man, I think I gained 2 or 3 pounds just over the weekend (laugh)."

Who was your host? "Robert Hough. I have known him since he was at Provine. I was suppose to play for Provine in 9th grade, but I decided to come here instead. That is why I am so close to people like Anthony Johnson, Robert, and Quinton Culberson. I was suppose to play ball with those boys. But Robert is real cool. It was a cool experience. I was with the other players too, like Garry Pack, Patrick Willis, and some of those boys. They were all straight."

You said that you wanted to see the relationship between the players and coaches during your official visits; how did Ole Miss' stack up? "It was excellent. I mean, I want to be on a team where everyone is like a big family, and I think Ole Miss is like a family. The relationship they have is tight. I mean, it was good, real good. That impressed me a lot. I did not know it was like that."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip? "People told me it was more of a preppy school, but I did not see that. I saw people like me. It was fun. I do look at Ole Miss differently now."

Who are those "people"? "Just people in the community. Most college coaches will not talk bad about the other schools, so. Some MSU fans from around here told me it was nothing but a prep school. Even some Ole Miss fans told me that. I was told that I would not fit inup there, but I felt I really did."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss during your trip? "First of all, the food was good, real good (laugh). But just chilling with the players. That was probably what I liked most about the trip. Just knowing I fit in."

Which recruits did you get a chance to hang out with? "Man, they had a bunch of them up there. But mostly, I kicked it with Derrick Odom, Justin Woodall, Terry Levy and Jason Hawkins. Jason is a TE from California. He is cool, real cool."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "Great. We met this morning. We had breakfast at his house. I told him what I thought about him. I told him it was different than what I was hearing. It was not only different, but totally different. I told him about my score on the ACT test, and he looked it up for me. Coach O told me if I kept my GPA up, it would be good enough to qualify. He told me how they planned to use me, and then we ate some gumbo. Coach O's wife can cook, man. I loved her gumbo. She was a cool cat too."

You had MSU out in front before you came on your visit; is your pecking order still the same? "When I sum up the whole Ole Miss trip, well, I have not been on my MSU trip, so I can not really take them off the top, but Ole Miss has closed the gap a lot. I do not want to put Ole Miss in front until I experience my MSU trip, but MSU will have to show me a lot. I have not been to Alabama, LSU, or USM either. I have a lot to see and a lot to think about."

Where do you go next? "I go to USM (12/9), Alabama (1/13), and MSU (1/20). I have not set up my visit with LSU yet, but I will take a visit to LSU for sure."

Anthony carries a 2.4 GPA / 17 ACT.




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