Ole Miss makes a move for Ricky Dixon

Ricky Dixon (WR, New Orleans, LA) - Scout.com's #36 nationally took an official visit to the University of Mississippi this past weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Ricky Dixon:

Did you make it in for your official visit? "I went to Ole Miss this weekend - I just left there."

How did you like Ole Miss? "It was real nice - I learned a lot about Ole Miss even though I went to summer camp there."

Did anyone accompany you? "I went with my girlfriend, Jana."

How did Jada like Ole Miss? "She liked Ole Miss too. She's a freshman at LSU right now, but said Ole Miss was cool."

Who was your host? "Taye Biddle was my host. Taye was cool. He took me all over campus and out to eat. We had fun. He told me all about playing in the SEC as a WR and playing at Ole Miss."

What did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip? "I learned that Ole Miss needs wide receivers really bad. I learned a lot about the academic support people and how academics are important there. I also got to know the coaches better. Coach O and Coach (Frank) Wilson are my two favorites. Both are great guys."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss during your trip? "What I liked most was the chemistry I built with the coaches. They made me feel at home."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "Coach O was great. I like him a lot. He didn't try to pressure me. He told me he wanted me there and told me his plans for me, but it was my decision. There was no pressure and that was a good thing for me."

What did you two discuss? "All the coaches kept stressing the lack of WRs at Ole Miss and how I would fit in. Early playing time is important to me and I can see that at Ole Miss."

Where does Ole Miss now stand in your pecking order? "Ole Miss is very high on my list. I also have LSU and Florida up there."

Where do you go next? "I visit LSU next weekend and then I will talk to Florida and set up something in January with them. LSU has a lot of depth and a lot of young receivers on their roster, but I don't mind competing. You have to compete anywhere you go in college, but I have in the back of my mind that Ole Miss affords me a great chance to get on the field early. We'll see."

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