Josh Davis makes it official

Josh Davis (OT, Tylertown, MS) - Ole Miss commitment, Josh Davis, has been "keeping his options open" for quite some time now.Did Josh's official visit to Ole Miss change things?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Josh Davis:

Did you make it in for your scheduled official visit to Ole Miss? "Yes sir. It went pretty good. I was impressed. I went ahead and canceled Alabama and Georgia. I am going to Ole Miss for sure now. I had a good time. I learned a lot about their academics. The whole visit was pretty impressive."

Are you canceling your official visits to Georgia and Alabama? "Yes sir. I will not be taking an official visit to those schools anymore."

Did anyone accompany you on your trip? "My mother. I think she likes Ole Miss more than me (laugh). All she talks about is Ole Miss now. She thinks it is the place for me. I am going to listen to her. That is where I am going."

Who was your host for the weekend? "Michael Oher. That is a cool dude. You can say he is doing what I want to do. He is a freshman All-American. You can not do much more than that. I want to go into the SEC and play as a freshman. I can not wait to play beside him."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss on your trip? "I pretty much knew everything in their presentation, but I did not know it was a small school, which is good because of their student/teacher ratio. My mom really liked that. I have got to graduate."

Thinking back on the trip; what stood out the most? "Saturday, we did everything the players do during game day. We walked through the walk of champions. Went to the locker room. Put on a jersey. Went out on the field, just everything they do on game day. That was tight. That really caught my attention. Just doing the same things the team does on game day. That was tight."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "He just told me how he was going to build his program with players like me and some of the other recruits who were in for their visits. I bought into it, and that is when I told him I was coming for sure. Before, I said I was committed, but I was still looking around. But I know for sure now where I am going."

What was Coach Orgeron's plan? "He told me he was going to get the best players in Mississippi. There is no doubt we can win if that happens. He said he was sick of players from Mississippi leaving to programs like Alabama and LSU and then coming in here and beating him. He told me to take some pride in our state and help the Ole Miss Rebels win some national championships. He is basically using the same plan that he used at USC, and look at what they are doing now."

Which recruits seemed like they were leaning towards Ole Miss while you were on your visit? "I did not really talk to a lot of them. Me and Terry Levy, Don Mosely, and Zhamal Thomas stayed together. I think they are all liking Ole Miss. And the defensive end from Hattiesburg (Milton Talbert). He really liked Ole Miss a lot too. It would not surprise me if all of them came."

Josh carries a 3.5 GPA / 23 ACT.

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