Terry Levy has a big senior campaign

Terry Levy (WR, Kosciusko, MS) - Scout.com's #26 nationally rated wide receiver committed to Ole Miss the day after signing day last year and has never budged with his commitment.Levy was in town for his official visit this past weekend. We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Terry Levy:

What were your stats for the season? "I had 33 catches and 900 and something yards of offense and 12 TD's. I also had 5 int's and I returned 2 of them for TD's."

How did your visit to Ole Miss go? "It was great. I got to meet a lot of people."

Who came with you? "My parents, brother, and sister."

What did they think? "They loved it. Both of my parents loved it."

Was the visit more/less/or about what you were expecting? "It was about what I was expecting?

Did you learn anything new? "I got to learn more about the coaches."

What stood out the most during your trip? "I liked when we did the walk of champions the most. That was straight."

Did this visit solidify your decision? "Yes sir, mot definitely."

Did you get a chance to hang out with any of the other recruits? "Yea, I got to meet all of them. They were enjoying it."

Which recruits seemed to be having a really good time? "Anthony Dixon, Justin Woodall, and Derrick Odom. There are some more too like Kendrick Lewis. I think he is solid now."

What about Ricky Dixon? "He loved it, but he said he is still going to look around."

Was there anybody who was not having a good time? "Every time I saw everybody, they were excited, but there probably a few."

What was Justin Woodall saying? "He loved it there, but I think he is still going to look around too."

How are your grades coming along? "Great. I have been doing really good this year. My grades are coming around good."

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