Clarence Bailey is nearing a decision

Clarence Bailey (OT, Lackawanna CC, PA) - Clarence has completed his official visits and will make a decision next week and sign on December 21st.Who has made the cut?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Clarence Bailey:

Have you garnered any awards yet? "I was named 2nd Team All-American by NJCAA. I was also named our team's Offensive MVP."

Which school do you visit next? "I am done taking visits."

Where all did you visit? "I went to Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Oklahoma."

Have you made a decision? "No sir."

Which schools are you still considering? "Those three schools."

Which school felt most at home during your visits? "I would say I felt better at South Carolina and Ole Miss."

What stood out the most about South Carolina during your visit? "I would say the atmosphere and the opportunity I have to help the team."

And Ole Miss? "Kind of the same things."

What are some of the factors you will base your decision on? "Basically I am looking at playing time, their graduation rate, and how much I can help them get better."

Which school gives you best opportunity for playing time? "Ole Miss and South Carolina are both kind of equal, I think."

Which school gives you the best opportunity to graduate? "Ole Miss has the better figures. They graduate more players basically."

Which team can you help the most? "Ole Miss needs more help than South Carolina. They (S.C.) are a team that turned it around this year. They just need help here and there. Basically all of the schools needs some help on the offensive line."

When will you make a decision? "I will make my decision next week."

Any inhome visits on tap? "Ole Miss came by today and talked to me and my mother. Oklahoma is coming by tomorrow and so is South Carolina."

Which coach came from Ole Miss? "Coach Deleone."

Any head coaches visit you yet? "Not yet. Coach Stoops is coming tomorrow, and Coach Spurrier is coming on Tuesday."

When is Ole Miss' head coach coming to see you? "On Monday."

Have you finished your courses yet? "Tomorrow is my last day.".

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