Photo Gallery from 5A State Championship

There were several D1 prospects on display last night. To view who they were, read inside.

#2 FB/Jr
Jeramie Griffin

#16 QB/Ath Leroy Diggs

#7 RB/Ricky Sanford

This trio has rushed for over 4, 200 yards and 47 TD's this year. They are all juniors and all three will be blue chip recruits for the '07 class.

Leroy Diggs

Leroy Diggs
led the Tigers attack all season long, as he started at QB and rushed for over 1,400 yards and 13 TD's for the season. But it was at free safety where Leroy really caught our eye. Coach Woods put Leroy in at free safety during the championship game and he simply dominated while he was in there.

It will be interesting to see where Leroy ends up on the next level, but one thing we feel comfortable in saying, Diggs will be one of the more highly coveted players in the South for next year's class.

Ricky Sanford

Ricky Sanford, who is 1st cousins with former Ole Miss running back Toward Sanford and current safety Jamarca Sanford, simply stole the show during the Class 5A championship showdown.

Ricky has the complete package, speed/hands/power/and vision. In fact, Ricky is the best tailback we saw in Mississippi this year, which includes all classifications and all ages.

Sanford rushed for over 1, 800 yards and 26 Td's this season. He also took two long runs to the house on Friday night against Meridian. Look for Ricky to be the top rated tailback in Mississippi next season and one of the top overall prospects in the country.

Jeramie Griffin

Jermaine Griffin, who is related to former Ole Miss player Malika Griffin, rushed for over 1,100 yards and 14 TD's this season.

Griffin has better than average FB speed and can flat out cut on a dime. Jermaine's biggest attributes are his toughness and soft hands. Griffin will be a solid D1 prospect for the '07 class.

Darius Barksdale

Darius Barksdale
is another player who saw its stock sky rocket after the performance he turned in on Friday night.

Barksdale is a true cover corner who will lay the wood on you. In fact, Darius looks to be in the same mold as Derek Pegues.

He looks to be in the 6' 0" range with speed/hip flexibility/ and the knack of knowing the ball is always going.

There will be many college recruiters drooling to sign this young man for the '08 class. In fact, we talked to several scout off of the record during the game and they all kept poiting towards this young man as the best kept secret in Mississippi. Well, lets put that in past tense, as Barksdale is no secret anymore.

Quin Sanford

Quin Sanford is just another player from the blood lines of a "Sanford".

In fact, if you look at South Panola's roster, you can always count on seeing a few Sanford's, Barksdale's, Griffin's, Diggs', Pegues', or Strong's. It is amazing how many big time players these families produce.

Quin currently plays TE for South Panola but he will undoubtably move to OT for the next level. He is probably the Tigers' top line prospect as he has the size (looks to be in the 6' 3"/270 range) and quickness to play on the next level.


We never were able to get a name for this prospect but he sure looked good on the hoof.

South Panola teammates celebrate their 3rd straight title

Chris Strong

Chris Strong is already being called the top prospect for the '07 class in the state of Mississippi.

Chris is 1st cousins with former Ole Miss linebacker, Eddie Strong.

Like Chris Herring, Strong has a chance to move down to the defensive line on the next level. He looks to be in the 6' 1", 260 range and is mean as a cat on the field. He has great quickness for a player his size and will simply knock the snot out of you if you get in his way.

There are strong rumors that Chris could be Ole Miss' first commitment for the '07 class, and we have been told by a family member that there is some truth to this rumor.

If Chris Strong were to commit, it could have a domino effect for the rest of the South Panola players, as Chris is the ring leader for the Tiger's team. He will definitely be one to watch after signing day rolls around.

Cordera Eason

Cordera Eason

Cordera Eason was limited to 65 yards rushing but he never got a chance to get untracked, as Meridian got down big early and had to go to the passing attack.

Eason showed good speed on some fly patterns and the knack for making the tough yards.

Now that Cordera's season is over, all eyes will focus on where he will sign. Early pundits have Ole Miss and Auburn as the two teams to beat with Alabama and MSU as the dark horses.

Cordera will visit Ole Miss on January 20th.

Derrick Davis

Derrick Davis
had to rehab his torn ACL this season but still dressed out and gave his moral support for his teammates.

As you can see by his picture, Derrick is physically gifted and used his talents last year to rush for over 1, 900 yards as a junior.

Derrick has scheduled an official visit with Ole Miss for January 20th, along with his teammate, Cordera Eason.

Brandon Davis

Brandon Davis is getting some D1 looks but is not on the Rebel radar screen.

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