Ole Miss makes an impact with Allen Walker

Allen Walker (Ath, Olive Branch, MS) - The South Hot 100 member took an official visit with the University of Mississippi over the weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Allen Walker:

Did you make it in for your Ole Miss visit? "Yea, it was nice, real nice."

Did anyone accompany you? "Victor Thomas came with me. Both of our parents came too."

What did your parents think of Ole Miss? "We have not really talked about it. We just left Coach Orgeron's house. My mom said she did not have any complaints with Coach Orgeron, and my father said the same thing. I think they were pretty impressed with everything they presented us."

Who was your player host? "Jason Cook. He is a stand up guy, real cool. He showed us around and showed us a good time."

What was the atmosphere like with the students not being on campus? "There were a few we got to meet when we went out during the nights. We still had fun even though most of the students had already left. They said if we came back when it was in school, the social life would be even better."

What new did you get to learn about Ole Miss during your visit? "It was the first time I really got to see everything. Before, I was at their camps or going to their games. I just never really had a chance to see everything until this weekend. I was really impressed with their facilities, both athletically and academically. I also learned there is a lot more to do in Oxford than I thought, and they have a lot of hands on tutors. Their academics are real good down there. They give you a lot of support, all you need to be successful with your classes."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss during your visit? "I do not know. It is hard to explain. Ole Miss just does the best job of recruiting me out of everybody. They are the most consistent out of all of them. They do the best job with their recruiting approach."

Talk about what Ole Miss does better than the other schools. "I do not not how to explain it. I just had a real good visit. They laid it out for us. Their itinerary was smooth. Everything went smooth the whole way through. They gave us our own on hotel room. They fed us plenty of good meals. It was just fun. Everything was straight."

Was the visit about what you were expecting/better/or worse? "It was much better than what I was expecting because everybody was out of school and it was still fun. I did not know there was that much to do in Oxford."

Do you feel like you fit in with Ole Miss' environment/players/coaches? "Yes sir, most definitely."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "It went well. We talked about where he wanted me to play and when I would play. He is building the foundation over there. He said this was his first real class because last year he did not have much time to get the class he needed. He told me he was going to build his foundation with this recruiting class. He told me that Ole Miss had won national championships before, and they would do it again when he gets the right players."

Have you looked at Coach Orgeron's track record? "Yea, I know that he recruited all of those Southern Cal players they have, and you know where they are now. Yea, it helps him sell his program more because he has done it before. It makes you buy into because you know he has been there and done that."

Which position does Ole Miss want you to play? "Wide receiver."

Are you OK with that? "It is fine with me. I do like to score touchdowns. It is no problem for me. I will play where ever they need me."

Anybody else recruiting you for WR? "No, I do not think so, but I really do not know. I will have to see what they say when I go on my visits."

Where does Ole Miss now stand with you? "It is the same. This is my first visit. Nobody will change until I see what all my schools have to offer. Then I will make my decision."

Did Ole Miss help themselves out with this visit? "Yea, they helped themselves out, but I still do not want to get too excited because I still have 3 more visits to go."

Where do you go next? "I go to LSU next weekend, and I am going to Alabama (1/13) and Florida (1/20)."

Which schools are you considering for your last visit? "I do not know. I have not made up my mind. I do not know if I will even take it, to be honest."

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